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By Irene Kennedy Realtor® in Northwestern NJ
Haunted by a RainDance - Am I a Hyper-Local Realtor® who keeps her word?   Back when I was young and foolish - June 2010 to be exact - I posted a little video on the Internet.  Today, it came back to haunt me.   This afternoon my buyers decided which NJ lakefront home for sale was the right vacation house for them. Their young but adult daughter had come to give her opinion too.  Yippee! We found one they all can enjoy and will submit the offer this week. Even better is that the listing agent is a dear colleague from my former office and she will work just as hard as I do to make a deal happen.   I started to do a little happy dance in this NJ lakefront home for sale but this couple stopped me immediately.  Too soon and not the right moves.  They explained to their daughter that I neede...
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