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By Jon Whitney
(Anne Plummer and Associates)
The Moosehead Region of Maine is dominated by the enormity of Moosehead Lake - the largest lake east of the Mississippi contained in one state. Moosehead Lake stretches 40 miles from south to north, is 20 miles wide, and has a surface area of over 75,000 acres. Surrounded by a vast, forested wilderness, this area is largely populated by moose, not people - and that demographic is probably its primary attraction. A century ago Moosehead Lake was a summer playground for wealthy families from Boston and New York who would spend the summer here escaping the heat and pollution of the city. The grand hotels where they stayed and the trains that brought them here have gone the way of log drives and buggy whips, but the reason why they came remains.This area has always been a siren call to thos...
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