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Veteran’s Home Loans for Greenville FloridaIf you are reading this, you or a family member have likely served in our military.  First off, we would like to say a sincere “Thank You” for your service!  We recognize that not only do our Veterans sacrifice by serving, but their families do as well-, and we owe you all a debt of gratitude!One of the best benefits Veterans and their families receive due to their service to our great country is the VA home loan benefits.  We are going to outline just a few of these significant benefits in this article for you. Here are some of the major benefits you may receive by using your VA home loan benefits:*100% financing available- one of the very few loans available with no down payment!*Lower rates available than most loan programs- which saves you ...
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Thinking of leaving Florida?  Want to know the best place for your move?You're at the right place here with the Cheryl Teague Team!Hurricanes have typically caused spurts and upsets in house buying. Why?  Because when a hurricane is brewing out in the ocean, you can't get homeowner's insurance; thus, buyers can't acquire a mortgage because of the required insurance; (catch 22).  Everything Stops!  So, what happens is that there is a backup of people who've agreed to buy homes, but can't until the hurricane passes. In hot years (where housing supply is already low) you have these spurts where the supply is even further depleted. That jacks up prices even more: less houses available and still a ton of buyers. We want you to consider the Upstate of South Carolina as your new home.  So many...
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