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            Forming an offshore company today is easier than ever. Many countries are advertising themselves as havens for those that seek fast banking services, low taxes, and a good business climate to work in. Various types of companies can be formed in various offshore destinations. Most of the companies that are formed offshore have similar characteristics to the corporations in the US. Limited Liability Company and International Business Company are also popular forms of companies that are formed in offshore destinations. If you want to form an Offshore Company, a good thing to do is to visit the Offshorecorptalk forum, where you can read and discuss many different things regarding the formation of offshore companies.Who Should Consider Establishing An Offshore Company            ...
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By Dakota Sandberg
Though sometimes debated by serial rule-breakers, rules are good, needed, and made for our best interests. Rules, guidelines, policies, terms, whatever the name, are written to help us achieve greatness, be honest, have integrity and be considerate of others.  The Real Estate industry has a seemingly endless list of rules, agreements, policies, and duties. As a new student, they are overwhelming to learn! But, I am finding that they are really made to guide me to be the best agent I can be for my clients. I can build a reputation as an honest rule-follower and gain the trust of people looking to buy or sell their precious homes. If we can change our perspective to see that rules aren't restrictions, but are there to serve us and make us better, we can blossom in the real estate industry...
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By Farva Jafri, IRS representation services for NY, NJ, CT
(Jafri Law Firm)
 If you currently own or manage a small business, you’ve probably experienced an extremely high demand or you’re preparing for the worst – to be shuttered by law for a few weeks or longer.  In either case, your business needs a whopping dose of resilience right now. Here are four steps to safeguard your business and discover where you need to build resiliency.  1 – Protect Your Employees  The most important thing to do is to protect your employees. OSHA demands that we give them a safe working environment, and the definition of this just changed! If possible, make it mandatory for workers to work at home, and if not, get your workers protective gear and make sure your workplace is cleaned constantly.  There are brand new laws regarding sick leave; you will need to learn them and incorpo...
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By Resorts Gal, Writer and Realtor
Do Real Estate agents ever retire?  This is something I noticed pretty early on in my real estate career.  It's something I've even asked myself over and over. Is it the drive to make the next sale that lives inside most of us?  Or the fact that we are always so busy making most of us poor financial planners?  Maybe we are just nice people and we can't say no when a friend or family member needs our expert help.  Whatever it is, I accepted a long time ago that I would probably never retire from real estate. Not fully anyway. But somewhere in the middle, I found something else I enjoyed doing, and that was writing.  And the funny thing is I didn't start writing about real estate. That seemed boring.  I actually started writing about my favorite vacation destination.  Which has lead to ma...
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By Andrew Syrios, Real estate investment and property management
(Stewardship Investments, LLC)
So will it? And what should real estate investors do in the meantime? Go big? Twiddle your thumbs?The economy, as you have probably noticed, is a mess right now: The unemployment rate topped out at 14.7% is still at a very high level of 7.9%. Many states have an eviction moratorium.  The government brought in $2.82 trillion in revenue while spending almost twice that much ($5.63 trillion) for a record-setting deficit. Delinquency is up and several studies predict a major increase in evictions soon. Yet the real estate is doing quite well. Real estate prices are up over 4% from the beginning of the year and, as anyone looking to buy a home has seen, inventory is extremely low; only 3.1 months of inventory (six months is balanced). Does that mean real estate will ride this recession out a...
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By Randy Tudor, EA, CTRC, Certified Tax Representation Consultant in Phoenix
(Tudor Financial Group, LLC)
Many years ago after leaving the corporate tax and finance, Fortune 100 world, I became a real estate professional here in Phoenix, Arizona. I did okay with it, but yet I knew it just wasn't my thing. From there, because of my love of numbers, I became a mortgage broker for a while. Again, I did okay, but something was still missing. So, I decided to get my CPA certificate and to open an accounting and tax firm. I was much more comfortable and happier being back to working with taxes and those kinds of numbers. That was 35 years ago.However, I always will remember my experiences as a Realtor and as a mortgage broker. I learned a lot about people while working in those professions. I have always maintained a close relationship with the real estate community. I built my tax business by re...
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By Christopher Cannon
(Agent professor )
I think this topic is very important to me and should be for everybody! I have worked in sales for the last 3 years and see so much lying and deception! i have seen so many people get taken advantage of its disgusting! people are so greedy and think only of thier selfs. i may not make as many sales as some agents that are in my field, but i feel good about what i sell and how i sell to my clients. i have more consistency then any body else in my company cause i tell the truth and lay out the facts about the product that i sell! i hope to change the way people present their products to prospects.  
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By John S. Wood, CPA, Every Tax Problem Has A Solution!
(Suncoast Tax Solutions)
I represent taxpayers in Sarasota and throughout Florida who have federal and state tax issues. I have recently seen an uptick in the number of people contacting me who have not filed tax returns, some for many years. In fact, the non-filer issue is a priority for the IRS and they recently announced that they will increase face-to-face visits to high-income taxpayers who have not filed tax returns for prior years in an effort to increase tax compliance.More importantly, it is worth noting that the willful failure to file a tax return is a federal tax crime under the Internal Revenue Code Section 7203.So, what can non-filers do, and how can we help them get their tax return issue resolved with the IRS? It depends on why they failed to file a return in the first place.If the failure to fi...
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By Cora Carleson, Existing homes, new construction, commercial, land
By Cora Carleson: I know, I know, I have said this all summer, but now….it’s even more true!  We actually have people out there who have money, and cannot find a home to suit their needs! I have had multi offers on a listing where of the 5 offers 2 of them were CASH!  So here are a few things that happen when inventory is low……Prices go up!  Yup that old Supply and Demand thing.  If there isn’t much the price goes up!  If you are just thinking about maybe you might want to sell your house in the next 12 months, now is your opportunity get the most for it. Values go up. Just because prices go up, doesn’t necessarily mean that values go up.  I know that sounds strange, but here is how real estate works with value. Appraisers use information from 6 moths to a year ago.  A year ago, our mar...
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By Waleed Mohammed
Florida is one of the most popular states in the US. With a population of 21.48 million, as reported by the 2019 census, Florida is located close to the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic on the other. This state is famous for its numerous beaches, Latin American cultural influence, vibrant nightlife, and remarkable art scenes. This diverse state is made up of several ideal communities that continuously attract new residents and with good reason. In this article, we will discuss the best cities to live in Florida. Sit back, relax, and read on. Miami PropertiesYou can’t talk about Florida without mentioning Miami! Officially known as the City of Miami, this community is one of Florida’s finest neighborhoods. This landmark city is not only one of the best cities in Florida but on...
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By Howard Richardson, IRS and State Tax Representation
(Howard Richardson)
The IRS has announced this week that they will start to mail out notices for unpaid tax debt. They had suspended the notices in May 2020 due to their inability to timely process mail sent to the IRS because of COVID-19. This series of notices can lead to IRS seizures through a tax levy on assets such as bank accounts and financial accounts. The IRS can also seize your income through wage garnishments and social security garnishments. Lastly, the IRS has the right to file a federal tax lien that attaches to all the property of a debtor with tax debt over a certain level. This can cause problems for real estate owners trying to sell a piece of property with a tax lien attached. The real estate buyer also is impacted because they will want to acquire property with clean title. Property own...
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By Johnny Spencer
(In training)
I would like to start off with a short intro. Hi everyone, my name is Johnny Spencer. I currently live and grew up in Vernal, Utah. I was born in Sacramento, California and am 24 years old. I am new here and just starting my career in real estate. I have decided to join the real estate industry because I have always liked to help people, for the life changing experience and of course for the possible outcomes of profit. So, I was assigned a lesson.. or I probably wouldn't have ever figured out about active rain. A great way to interact with others in the same field. This lesson was titled blog activity. I would especially enjoy all comments, questions and advice from other students that are still in training. And of course from the professionals, trainees as myself are looking forward t...
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By Zivak Realty Group, Local Nashville Real Estate Broker
(Zivak Realty Group)
When it comes to selling a home in Nashville Real Estate market, the cost to sell your home always adds up. Seller’s closing costs are an expenditure consisting of taxes, fees, prepayments, and service costs that vary from location to location. The closing costs can differ because of variations in lender costs, local tax laws, company fees including title & settlement. To pay the closing cost, sellers in Tennessee pay an average of 1-3% of their home’s sale price. However, at the time of selling a home in Nashville, both buyer and seller need to pay closing costs that include expenses required for a Homes for Sale in Nashville TN As per the purchase agreement, there are several fees involved in the closing cost process. Let’s discuss each one. Read More 
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By CANDACE (Candy) STEVENS, EA, Helping Taxpayers Resolve IRS problems
(Number Cruncher LLC)
Dealing with the IRS is scary.  Owing the IRS money is even scarier.  Here at Number Cruncher LLC, we help our clients to know and understand the Collection process.  Thiscan help you avoid having enforced collection action taken against you.  Below is the step-by-step process the IRS uses:  1.  The tax is assessed 2.  The billing notice is sent,  If it goes unpaid 3.  A silent lien is attached, by statute, to all the taxpayer's assets owned and later acquired 4.  Final notice of the IRS's intent to levy the taxpayer's income and assets is sent.  This begins the 30-day window for the taxpayer to request a collection due process hearing.   5.  IRS files a Notice of Federal Tax Lien in the public records if the taxpayer owes more than $10,000.  This will result in marketing mail from nati...
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By Christopher Payne, Gainesville Home Builder and Remodeling
(Payne Construction Group)
Homeownership is one of the things everyone hopes to achieve; it’s part of the American dream! This should be an exciting time as you watch your new home transform from just a plan on a blueprint to somewhere you will live and become the place you will call home. For most people, it is also the single largest investment they will ever make. Payne understands just how important and stressful the home building process can be, especially if you are going to be a first-time homeowner. Which is why we will do whatever necessary to make the home building experience as pleasant and easy as possible. From design to build, Payne will be there every step of the way with your new home construction. We will always be available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Find out m...
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By Thomas Rampling, Sell Your House Fast in Indy - We Buy Houses Cash!
(Thomas Real Estate )
Did you inherit a house in Florida?Are you wondering if you should sell, rent or live in it? How would you even an inheritted property? If you are selling inherited property this summary guide will point you in the correct direction.Get the basic answers to these questions then it might be agret idea to talk to a professional. Remember they charge by the house so if you have quick succint accurate answers you will get the most bang for your buck. So how did you inherit the hoouse?Important to know as it may have ramifications legally. Inheritance by deed Inherited the house by will Did you get your inheritance through a trust? Be sure to understand the basics of Florida Probate. When is probate on an inheritance required. Does y...
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HardiePlank is an architectural framing system manufactured by James Hardie that offers many options for fiber cement siding products, as well as insulation to protect your home against the elements. This fiber cement is also called Hardie board or marketed as HardiePlank. People use fiber cement for material because it has the highest durability, color, and resistance to fire. When homeowners install this type of siding, they get a warranty of up to 30 years on the finish, and the materials are fire, rot, insect, and water-resistant. This type of siding is available in many textures and colors to match your style.What is HardiePlank fiber cement or Hardie board?To be sold as fiber cement, this material must meet specific standards, as you will see in greater detail below. Many elements...
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By Bill Foss
(EXIT Realty Massachusetts)
Are you brave enough to go out on your own? Then you’re going to need a mentor who took the risk and lived to tell the tale.  Real estate coaching is guidance in real estate and business from an experienced REALTOR® It is knowledge in building a sales funnel and becoming a savvy online marketer. It is interpersonal instincts passed on. Real estate coaching will provide you with a holistic plan for business growth. My name is Bill Foss and I started my real estate career without the benefit of a college degree. But I had a lot of grit and determination, and I became the Vice President of Personnel for what grew to become a multi-location regional home center.   After this, I went on to enjoy success in real estate investing realm as well. And I decided that I wanted to help others realiz...
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By Purlin Co, We use AI technology to personalize homebuying
(Purlin Co)
You like what only you like when you see it, even when you can’t put a finger on it. That one piece of fruit or flower in a field stands out and says choose me. Multiply that idea by a thousand when looking at homes in the sea of listing sameness. Imagine if you had a tool for finding a home using style, your own personal style …Say you are looking for modern homes in Manhattan Beach, CA. Whether you are using home search site or an agent, most often homes for sale are picked for you. Very basic queries that deliver very basic results. You are left to choose which one creates the most tingles (or any?). We think this tradition is backwards. So we reversed it.We created StyleExplorer to help you figure out what you like before forcing the “what do you want” question. It’s more than just ...
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By Keith Jones, CPA, I help GOOD FOLKS solve IRS tax problems & restore
(Keith Jones, CPA TheCPATaxProblemSolver)
Collection alternatives if you cannot pay the tax debt We know the story: things are tight financially, so you either (1) do not file the tax return, or (2) file the return but don’t pay the balance due. But do not worry, you tell yourself, next year will be better. Now it is 2-3 years later and a letter arrives from the IRS, and the threats start, and maybe it has even gotten to the point of actual levy and seizure activity. Now the IRS is wreaking havoc on your financial life and you simply do not know what to do. We know. We have helped many clients through that exact scenario. Fear not, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Table of Contents Collection alternatives if you cannot pay the tax debt Installment Agreement Uncollectable Status Offer-in-Compromise As it turns out the ...
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