Here’s a scary but true real-estate horror story just in time for Halloween: Competition to buy a home has grown so fierce that buyers are struggling to even find “zombie” properties: homes that have been abandoned by their owners during the foreclosure process but are not yet repossessed by lend...
How to Avoid Buying a Haunted House!Know your state’s disclosure laws!The rules on what sellers have to disclose to buyers vary by state—and sometimes even by city. Sometimes you’ll receive the full picture about a house’s history, but there’s also chance you could be left in the dark.  A haunted...
Count down to Halloween! How about Nightmare on Elm Street? Would you live there? You are at luck! It's on the market at $3.25 Mil! What ever you do, enjoy just DON'T FALL ASLEEP! Full article compliments to below👇
Lenders typically require an appraisal to ensure that your loan-to-value ratio falls within their underwriting guidelines. Mortgages are secured loans where the lender uses your home as collateral in case you default on the agreed-upon payments. Put simply: when you apply for a mortgage, an unbi...
It's time for another update on Downtown SJ inventory! This morning downtown area had 57 active condos and townhomes which is again down from week before. There are signs market is slowing down so don't miss your chance!
It's a pumpkin season and many of you are starting to decorate or plan your Thanksgiving. Your table setting and dining area get to be the main room for your friends and family to enjoy. Especially if your dining area and budget to re-decorate is small, this is a fun time to get some ideas. If yo...
What is new today? We have 48 active condo/townhomes (see link below) on the market and 47 Single family homes. Market slowed down a little bit so if you are looking to transition from your condo to something with more yard this is a good news for you!How? Reach out to me to find out!https://sear...
Month #9! Inventory continued to decline as we approached the pumpkin season. Market is slowing down in almost every sector which makes this the perfect time for planning pre -holiday clean up. Winterizing your home. Checking your heater and clean gutters... For those that need to move this year ...
Inventory in Downtown SJ is on continuous decline since July. We peaked at 1,057 single family homes and 583 condos/townhomes for Santa Clara county. Downtown has 59 units for sale today and about half of them are on the market longer than 30 days so expect your home to sit on the market little l...
Becoming a homeowner is more than having a set of keys and your name on the deed. You may have a rush of emotions the day you take possession and recognize you now have your place in the world—literally. And that’s just the beginning. Here are a few more things you can expect. You learn what pri...

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