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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
San Diego Short Sales. What happens if a Lender takes too long to process a short sale file? Will they be in trouble? It's a great question. I've heard of many files taking a looooong time to process. And this is a reason that if you're in San Diego... choose your agent wisely. There are many who...
North Park San Diego Short Sales From Beginning to End. When one finds themselves  contemplating the Nine Alternatives To Foreclosure and is ready to move forward with a North Park Short Sale there is variation on a theme... but the music usually plays as follows... 1. The Bank is told of the pos...
North Park San Diego Home Buying Strategy - Interest rates and the end of QE2. Why should I care about QE2? It's a fair question. Quantitative Easing was a fancy set of words for the financing of US debt - by the US.  In plain terms, we the country printed money to buy our own bonds set to earn i...
North Park and Hillcrest are the best neighborhoods in San Diego because: 1.  Walking is not over rated. a.  Feets don't fail me now (was a fun Utopia song with Todd Rundgren) means you can get up and get out on the town with a quick stroll.  There are people out with you, you can see them and ac...
San Diego Short Sales Take Eight Months? Most do not... Nor Should They. While there were certain players that did have a reputation for taking a long time to get back to agents with answers on offers, those Lenders have come around for the most part and are getting things rolling more and more q...
North Park San Diego Short Sales and How To Get Loan Modifications On FHA Loans. RIF was the "Reading is Fundamental" program that was touted when I was in grade school, low those many years ago... All the best things I've learned about Short Sales in North Park I've learned from watching video, ...
San Diego North Park Short Sales and Will Fannie Mae Pursue a Deficiency? How much will I have to pay......? It's a resonant question with San Diegans that find themselves thinking about the Short Sale process.  And the answer can be uplifting or unsettling depending on when it hits. In this wild...
San Diego Short Sales - What's the meaning of the file going to the Investor? Isn't that the bank? Often in a San Diego Short Sale the homeowner is confused by this statement. The conventional wisdom dictates that the Bank who gave out the loan must own it, right? Not so fast human flame. The rea...
San Diego Short Sales - A Winning Strategy for a successful Loan Modification Banks are in business to make money - mostly by lending it.  They hate to lose money, they hate San Diego Short Sales, they hate San Diego Loan Modifications, they hate San Diego Principal Reductions and pretty much all...
San Diego Short Sale - How to Stop Debt Collectors Nasty Calls When facing a short sale in San Diego often times my clients are finding that other debts are piling up.  Through circumstances like unexpected medical bills and job loss and other of life's little surprises it is not uncommon for the...

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