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Most people considering selling their home have one really BIG question “How much can I get for my home?” They may do a little research on the homes that are for sale in their neighborhood, and may even stumble upon a Zillow Zestimate to gain knowledge on how much they can get for their home.If t...
 Your best days may be behind you. Or not…? Has anyone other than me noticed an apartment building being built on every street corner? (apartment finder) At least for now, it appears the renters are moving toward these beautiful complexes and they are willing to pay more and more and more… The me...
      With the rise and fall of the housing market in Central Florida, We have become a little more concerned about taking chances when it comes to our Real Estate investments.  Real Estate has always been a consistent and safe long term investment, a place to raise your family, and a safety net ...
  Short Sale Evolution… or Revolution?  It’s been almost 5 years since I negotiated my first short sale… What a difference 1670 days makes…   I just went to the Bank of America Short Sale Forum and as I was sitting in the meeting I realized that Realtors are no longer the enemy.    The banking in...
The six pillars of Character are said to be:   Trustworthiness Responsibility Caring Respect Fairness Citizenship   I could abbreviate Realtor Standards and Ethics into: Strive to be of the highest character…   I have been involved in quite a few transactions this year… dealing with banks, short ...
As I have always said the burden of being a great realtor is "thinking" for all parties in the contract... I approach each transaction as if I am the only representative in the deal... that strategy will get you and your customer(s) to a happy and stress free closing.   Now don't get me wrong, I ...
Well it's that time of the year...Dues are Due... and you either wrote a check or put them on your credit card in order to maintain your status as an active Realtor... Whenever I pay $425 for anything I like to look for a direct benefit to increasing my business... Membership should have its priv...
I know you have all been waiting for me to declare.... Now that Colin Powell made his decision, I guess I should be next... General Powell decided to cast his vote for Barrack Obama.  He went on Meet the Press to discuss the methods he used to arrive at determining the best candidate for presiden...
A few people have asked... why I haven't been blogging. My answer sounded like I was Forrest Gump... "I have nothing to say... and that's all I have to say about that..." For me "Blogging is just "one" medium to influence and motivate the people around me..."   also Blogging helps new recruits to...
 What about the rut?  Don't realtors do the same thing day in and day out...? Hell No!  6 months ago, I thought a short sale was any sale under $200,000... Now $200,000 could be my bread and butter for the next few years... I guess I could learn something new every day?  So why don't I? Well it's...

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