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Now, here is some very useful information that I just found on Michael Jacobs blog.   It is a great idea.  And, one that I will use soon.  Giving all the restaurants in an area is very helpful for consumers, don't you think? It's just weeks away to "The Granddaddy of Them All" in Pasadena, Califo...
Michael Jacobs is the most dedicated real estate market analyst in California in my humble opinion.    Michael Jacobs is a Monterey Hills real estate specialist, and he knows all of Pasadena and Los Angeles, too.   When you are searching for a buy, sale or lease of a Pasadena, Los Angeles or anyw...
Ron Marshall got this great press release from Tammy Lankford, and I wanted to share it. Ron is such a great guy.  And, his talent knows no bounds.  He does paint, too, but now he is so busy with the Antique Shop that he hasn't time for that either.   I probably should have endorsed him myself......
Dick, you really deserve kudos for taking this step out of the "BOX".  I wish you all the success in the world and then some.  You are smart, kind and so very generous.   This is a great addition to the Fort Collins area and to the Colorado market in general.   Here's to you and your new team! We...
It is finally time to reblog one of Ron Marshall's posts.  It has taken him quite a long time to get to this point.  And, I am so proud of him and his stamina to not only make his business work, but to put the time in to make himself a Rainmaker! Comment on his post, if you would.  I would apprec...
Steve and Pat Pribisko have come up with a new term....and I think most of us can identify with this now. Please thank Pat for a great post.  And, have a great rest of the week! MY NEW REAL ESTATE TERM -- "PARKED BUYERS"   In Northeast, OH (the Greater Cleveland Area), we have a shortage of homes...
Living in St. Michael or Albertville Minnesota is a dream come true.  We have excellent schools, great neighborhoods and more amenities since we live in the northeast quadrant of Wright County than many of our neighboring towns.  This area is home to many businesses, some industry and many start-...
Rogers has been named by Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg Rankings as the “Best Place to Raise Kids in Minnesota.”  And, Sabinske Associates is very pleased to be a part of this great community! Sabinske & Associates always knew this.  We sell homes in Rogers Minnesota!  Rogers has been named...
It is with so much great pleasure that I introduce you to Ron Marshall, a new Rainmaker.   Ron has been here for 2 years and 4 months, as I recall.  And, during that time, so many of us have been frustrated not to be able to reblog his posts.  And, now that he is a Rainmaker, he and the rest of h...
This analogy seems to me to be a very good one.  The self-service checkouts can be very frutstrating, too. Thank Don with a comment if you would. I recently read that most people dislike the self-service checkout because of the number of errors they receive in trying to get out the door.  I might...

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