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 Thank God It's Friday!  Now what?  This morning I perused the multiple listing service for two clients and emailed them some possibilities. Then I logged onto Face Book and congratulated my birthday peeps, followed by a few comments on Active Rain.  I have been wanting to develop a flier to send...
If you are thinking about selling your home, curb appeal should be one of the things you consider prior to listing. Painting the brick exterior walls of your home to add to the homes charm may be the ticket to accomplish the curb appeal goal.  I have seen many homes that take on a newer appearanc...
 Today is Taco Tuesday! We are Texans, so it stands to reason we love tacos. There are many kinds of tacos. In our area you can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner tacos at any sit down restaurant. Additionally, you can go through any fast food establishment and buy a variety of breakfast tacos. I...
 Spring is Here and Time to Spruce Up Your Homes Yard With Grass!Yes! It is that time again and if your yard looks like it just woke up from a frozen winters sleep then it looks like mine. Your grass may not be growing as quickly as it does during the summer; it may be time to add some grass seed...
Easter Confetti Eggs When I was a little girl we would spend hours cutting Yellow and Green Wrigley's Gum wrappers into tiny pieces. The pieces had to be small enough to sift thorough a shifter!  All year long we would save egg shells from breakfast. We would wash them and then nearing Easter tim...
FRIDAY NIGHT PHOTO Since I don't get enough exercise I have started walking. On my walk-about I found this huge cactus plant. You can't tell by the photo but the plant is about six feet tall or taller. It is about the width of a king size bed. It is really big.  I see these plants everywhere; how...
Happy Valentines Day Active Rain brothers and sisters! I hope you have a wonderful day.  For me Valentines Day for me is just being with the ones that you love. It may mean cooking a meal for your family and enjoying watching them enjoy it. There have been many Valentine Days in the distant past ...
 In reviewing my upcoming calendar week; I noticed I have two networking events this week. That got me to thinking how very important networking is to my business.  At a networking event I meet new people to the area who may need my services or the services to another of my business contacts. Rem...
The Honeymoon Cafe and Bar Downtown Houston  Today I was bored and I headed to downtown Houston to have a little fun. Located about three blocks south of Downtown University of Houston, I discovered a wonderful place to have a great cup of coffee, sandwich or a great mixed drink. That place is ca...
 JP Morgan Chase Tower - On Throw Back Thursday  The JP Morgan Chase Tower building located in downtown Houston is the last building I worked in.  It is 75 stories tall (1,002 feet in height). The tallest building in the state of Texas and the 12th in the nation.  I watched this building being co...

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