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We're heading into spring 2023 in the DC real estate market, and everyone wants to know what to expect. Here's our take:Rates, Inflation & Recession, Oh My!2023 got off to a rocky start with uninspiring reports from the foreboding comments from Fed Chair Powell on March 7th:“If the totality of th...
Just released March CPI Report & latest inflation date - how they'll impact the Fed's decision on rate hikes.Read it at
The 2023 DC Real Estate Market vs 2008 The 2023 DC Real Estate Market Isn't a Throwback To 2008 There's nothing like a year of drastic mortgage interest rate hikes on top of breathtaking price increases to bring back bad memories of the 2008 real estate market crash, and its subsequent fallout, w...
A little rate increase, and forecasts for a little more, and a little more, with no definite end in sight.A little more pain and a promise for more to come from Fed Chair Jay Powell after today's FOMC meeting. Today's rate hike of 0.5% lifts the terminal rate projection to 5.1%. It was the 7th an...
 Dropping in on client friends who bought a fixer and seeing the results of their hard work is  #changeisbeautiful #capitolhilltransformation #mobisfire #homeonthehill #stylishcapitolhillrow #laurenandkumail#buildingdreams #buildingafuture #capitolhillhomes #dc#theisaacsteam #realestateinthedistrict
With changing mortgage rates, the amount of the mortgage loan you qualify for is also changing. One of the factors used to determine how much you can borrow is the Debt-To-Income-Ratio, or DITI. Learn how it works!Visit our DITI page  #debttoincomeratio #qualifyingforamortgage #DITI #debttoincome...
Fed-Induced Recession In 2023 NY Fed's Recession Probability Model shrieking warnings of an incoming downturn, odds at 38% have analysts saying it's really a near-100% chance DataTrek’s Nicholas Colas said: “It is clearly saying high short term interest rates are going to cause a recession in the...
On November 30, 2022, Fed Chair Jerome Powell' message could not have been clearer: Interest rates will continue to rise, moderately, and for some time to come.If you have the means to take advantage of market uncertainty, this is your time. There's a brief window of opportunity to move forward a...
Chances are... no. 😬Many decks in Washington DC aren't built to code. If you're thinking about spending some time this fall-winter preparing your home for a spring sale, or you just bought a home and are planning to build or rebuild a deck, you'll want to follow construction code and neighborhood...
Following suit with conforming loan limit increases, HUD has increased FHA loan limits for next year.Beginning January 1 2023, 3,222 U.S. counties will see higher loan limits, while 12 counties will remain the same. For most of the country, the new baseline FHA loan limit will be $472,030 for a s...

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