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If you’re hitting the road this summer, chances are you’ve finalized your plans already. But have you planned for the vacation your home’s taking, too? When you travel, your home also takes a break. Make sure you’ve outfitted it with the proper security measures before hopping on that plane, trai...
So, you’ve got a retiree on your hands. More and more are continuing to settle abroad – some even venturing to exotic locales in Central America and Southeast Asia. Did you know that retirees are becoming the fastest-growing segment of overseas buyers? Major hotspots include: MexicoThe Caribbean ...
Now, no one would make such an absurd request, unless perhaps they were seeking poor service to back up a scathing review online. We’ve all been there. Waited too long listening to hold music, gotten the wrong order at a restaurant, been disappointed by a product that wasn’t honestly advertised. ...
According to the Federal Trade Commission, 8 million people every year are victims of cyber crime – but believe it or not, the biggest culprit behind these attacks isn’t a hacker trying to steal your identity. It’s you. Say what? Even if you’re hyper-vigilant about creating passwords with enough ...
  73%. As in, more than half. That’s the amount of sellers who prefer to list with an agent who uses video (per a realtor.com® survey). Okay, so sellers REALLY like videos. But that survey also found that only 12% of agents have a YouTube channel, and an astounding 1% actively use it! Houston, we...
 I’m a bit slow on the uptake here. For me, June’s flying by. After a particularly stressful 2013, I resolved this year to relax, have fun, and travel more. I’ve taken a few trips since the beginning of this year, but with vacation season is upon us, I thought I’d gear up for another trip later t...
The home just isn’t selling. You and your seller agreed upon a competitive price, but the real estate gods thought otherwise. While a number of often uncontrollable factors go into the decision to reduce the asking price, the onus falls on you to break the news to your sellers. Don’t dread the co...
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... I interned at a web-based start-up. Their biggest selling point at the time was a concept called Web 2.0, which, I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard anything about prior to the internship. It was the new frontier, the next great leap into cyber space. Shift to ...
On my to-do list this week is updating my email signature (to include my blog here, among other things) – I can’t help thinking that now’s as good a time as ever to refresh my image via email. To do that, I turned to social media coach extraordinaire (and the voice behind BHG Real Estate), Rebeka...
  It’s no secret that the “flexible” schedule promised to agents is actually code for “say goodbye to your weekends”. Which makes me wonder… what would you actually do if you had the weekend off? I imagine I’d go on a Netflix binge, catching up on those shows I’ve been meaning to watch. Or, trans...

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