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Blog about internet marketing concepts and ideas for the real estate industry. I am also a Zillow employee, so you will find occasional updates and information about the Zillow in my blog content as well.
I get it, you love your Blackberry.  So did I.  I had the first one ever made and upgraded models almost every year.  I looked so cool boarding planes with that thing strapped to my belt loop.  I was a whiz at typing on it and could dominate BrickBreaker. So what happened?  I got app envy.  I fin...
Zillow Launches A Free Online Agent Endorsement System Today, Zillow launched Zillow Ratings and Reviews - or basically an endorsement system on the site for real estate professionals.  It is a way for consumers to review real estate agents they've worked with in the past to assist other consumer...
About two and a half years ago (man, has it been that long!) I wrote a similar post called 10 things to do on Zillow. It is a trip to read this post now and see how far we've come. The two things that really stick out to me is that mobile apps hadn't even been invented back then and our ad platfo...
A little while ago we announced that Brad Andersohnwas going to be joining the Zillow team (insert woot, woots here).  In just a few short weeks he has really done an amazing job pulling together training programs, and they keep evolving with each day.  His biggest contribution to date has been e...
Whitney, who works in ZIllow's PR department, and her boyfriend (an Active Rain employee!) are trying to win a spot on this reality TV show.  It is similar to The Amazing Race.  Being that I am a huge fan of reality TV, Whitney and Active Rain - I had to reBlog this and ask that you help them win...
I'll start by saying I'm no SEO expert, but I found this very interesting.  I've seen a lot of debates as to whether or not social media is worth the time and effort.  Well, this Google search result makes a strong case for why it is.  We all know that the first page of the Google search results ...
I wanted to shed some light on real estate trends in the neighborhoods surrounding where I live of Bucktown, Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village and Noble Square.  It is easy to get caught up in the real estate news du jour, but let's step back and see how these neighborhoods have performed over broad...
I just got a question from an Active Rain community member asking how they can add video to their Zillow profile.  I figured if one person was asking, there may be others wondering! Adding video is an awesome way for your viewers to get to know you, and stand out! Unfortunately adding a video to ...
For the second month in a row, Yahoo! Real Estate was the most trafficked real estate website according to Experian Hitwise.  In the real estate category, Hitwise combines real estate and rentals. The top 10 sites, ranked according to traffic, were: 1.       Yahoo! Real Estate  - 5.87% market sha...
By now I know most of us have heard about widgets, but understanding how to install them can be a whole different beast.  Brad Andersohn is the master when it comes to widgets, so this is a great opportunity to learn from the best!How To Install and Customize Widgets on Your Blogs, Posts, and Sit...

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