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Blog about internet marketing concepts and ideas for the real estate industry. I am also a Zillow employee, so you will find occasional updates and information about the Zillow in my blog content as well.
We all know that people want to see lots of photos on online listings (Zillow lets you upload up to 50 per listing).  There was a small update made to Zillow this week that makes the number of photos on a listing more obvious. Take your Realtor hat off for a minute and put your consumer hat on.  ...
Make sure you get your next open house information on Zillow, it is free and easy to do.  The information will show up on the site a week before the event, and then automatically come down when it is over.  Here is a short video that walks you thru the process:     And it works!  Here is a quick ...
Let's start this week with a little humor.  This weekend I rented the movie I Love You Man.  Paul Rudd, the main charector, is a Realtor.  There are some hiliarous scenes in the movie that Realtors will think are particularly funny.  Warning- You will only think this movie is funny if you liked T...
Last week, Zillow launched our Local Pages, look for the new tab in the top bar.  Here you'll find tons of local data about not only homes that are for sale, but all homes in a market.  You can also find information such as demographics, population make up, and even see any local pics that may ha...
I know people have a lot of questions about Zillow, but finding answers isn't always that easy on the site.  Now we have a lot of the helpful content that has been produced in the way of articles, videos and in the Zillow Advice section - organized on one page for simple reference!  Welcome to th...
Our quarterly Homeowner Confidence Survey, conducted in partnership with Harris Interactive, was released today. How you feel about the results could depend on what side of the table you are on. This is the third quarter in a row where homeowners as a majority have predicted that we’ve reached th...
To minimize risk, many agents now require their buyers get pre-approved before they begin looking at homes.  This is a smart tactic, since it's important for buyers to know right from the beginning how much they can afford to spend on a home.  In addition, some sellers require buyers to get pre-a...
Still trying to decision if you want to join a social network, get a smart phone, or start tweeting?  Check out this amazing video.    Hat tip to @doverby where I found this link on his Facebook status.
Zillow makes money by selling ads on the site.  To be a successful media company, you need to make sure your customers are making money from their ads.  To help our customers do this, it is important to look at what the best performing ads look like, and the lowest performing, because ad content ...
Zillow's July 2009 traffic stats are out, and as usual I'm pleased to share them with you. To my knowledge, we're the only online real estate company that actually publishes our exact traffic statistics each and every month. But that's just how we roll here at Zillow. So without further ado, Zill...

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