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Utah County Real Estate, Utah County's Home Buyer Brokerage. Utah Luxury Real Estate agents are all trained to help provide Utah County Home Buyers with the very best tools needed to complete a very successful Purchase in Utah Real Estate
Park City Real Estate, Contingencies and the Offer When it comes time to make an offer on your new home, occasionally there are a few obstacles that make it difficult. It is sometimes hard to discover all the potential problems that might go wrong, but you might want to anticipate some so that yo...
  Park City Real Estate and Foreclosures, Bank Owned and Short Sales Properties that are in distress usually are referred to as Foreclosures. Foreclosure usually happens for a number of different reasons. Few home owners choose to go into foreclosure voluntarily. It is often a result of one of th...
Park City Real Estate and the Offer, Seller Motivation When looking for homes for my buyer clients, I have found that the Seller’s Motivation can have a dramatic effect on the price of the home. The most common “Motivated Seller” is someone who has already bought his or her next home or is reloca...
  Park City Real Estate and the Buyer Agent Commission An often used marketing trick that Listing agents use to attract home buyers is a Buyer Agent Commission (BAC) that is larger than what is generally offered. Generally speaking most home sellers offer a commission of 6 percent to the agents t...
  Park City Real Estate and Selling prior to Purchase When it comes time to purchase a new home, the question always comes up, should I sell my old home before I buy the new one? Depending on your credit situation and your ability to qualify for two loans, this question could be easily resolved. ...
  Park City Real Estate and Negotiating When it comes to time to negotiate a real estate transaction, some interesting dynamics take place. Obviously the Seller wants the most money they can get for their home. The Buyer wants the most home for the least amount of money. This is a crucial time to...
  Park City Real Estate and selling options today Today, in Our Real Estate market, selling a home is not as easy as it has been in the past. You may find yourself without a single interested buyer and forced to rethink how you want to approach your dilemma. Sure, you could spend hundreds of doll...
  Park City Real Estate and the For Sale by Owner When it comes time to sell your home, one big decision needs to be made. Can I sell my home by myself or should I use a Realtor? Everybody wants to make as much money as they can when it comes time to sell their home, but it is necessary to mainta...
Park City Real Estate and the Home Inspection Home inspections have become very popular in today’s real estate world. Most buyers hire a professional home inspector to take a closer look at a home prior to closing, or even prior to writing a Real Estate Purchase Contract. The inspections cover a...
  Park City Real Estate,  Home Buyer Representation During the past 25 or so years, home buyers have been able to choose between Buyer agents or the Sellers agent representing the Seller, to buy a home from. Many buyers didn’t even know that they could use a buyer agent or even if they were avail...

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