Confessions of a Recovering Landlord

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  We have just added a new page to our website which features listings for the excess space which our clients no longer need.  These properties may be for sublease or sale.  The current inventory includes a 2,226 square foot office condo in Plano near Coit & Legacy, a 1,442 SF retail store in Pla...
I came across the following quiz and thought it put things in perspective fairly well.  I don't know who the author of this was, but I like it.  Your thoughts? Take the following quiz: 1. Name the 5 wealthiest people in the world2. Name the last 5 Heisman trophy winners.3. Name the last 2 winners...
Some people are just natural marketers.  I'm not sure I could ever be this creative.
I used to carry a micro-cassette recorder so I could make "notes" to myself when I was driving.  When I got to the office I would listen to the recording and write down my To Do list. Then mobile phones and voicemail came into the picture and I would then just call my office phone and leave a mes...
Recapture is a term used for the landlord's right to terminate a tenant's lease for all, or a portion, of the premises in order to prevent a sublease or assignment. I saw this happen one time on the day before a business sale was expected to close.  It was really the fault of the seller of the bu...
Useable and Rentable are both used to describe the number of square feet (SF) in a lease space.  Useable is the space that is actually available for the tenant to use exclusively.  This is space in which you can put desks, employees, files, conference rooms, merchandise, etc. Rentable, on the oth...
So you need an office space quickly, but need flexibility and don't want to be tied into a long-term lease.  What are your options? There are times when flexibility is critical to an organization - entering a new market, acquiring or merging with other companies, launching a new product or servic...
Several years ago I was talking to a friend and mentioned that I had sold my house as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO).  He was surprised that it was possible to buy or sell a house without a residential real estate agent.  I was shocked that he didn't know he could trade real estate without a broker -...
So you have a client who buys or sells a house.  What's the average commission going to be?  In my area of Dallas/Ft. Worth, one side of the transaction will generate a commission of approximately $5,000 assuming an average sales price of $170,000.  So you the client on your marketing list and se...

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