5 Audience Approved and Participant Friendly Tips for Public Speaking   I started speaking in public just last November.  Prior to that I was used to cozy, individual,one on one consultations with clients. What I have learned along the way is that the same give and take benefits that I've had thr...
A Blogger's Lullaby Now I lay me down to sleep I pray my soul some ease and peace My thoughts running 200 miles an hour'Cause after all I am a blogger I am  prepared for that last "quick thought" Got my Pad of paperMy penAnd my bottle of water Okay almost ready to pull up the covers Oh man...I m...
The Power of the Web The Internet is an amazing web of interactions and connections.  You might not realize just how amazing it is until you make your first real connection that turns into a great friendship OR you have to communicate with someone who is at a distance and it becomes one of your o...
Reflection I find myself at a unique time in my life when both my personal and professional paths are crossing and meeting together on the same bridge.... Of which to say that these days I am on a new journey to self discovery in life.  This journey is a bit scary, crossing untraversed territy wi...
Here are the answers to the computer quiz I posted last week.   Test Your Computer Knowledge. Are you Smarter than the Average Sixth Grader?    1.  What is a file extension? The three letters at the end of PC File names that tell you what kind of file it is. 2.  What is useful to burn pits into ...
There's A Place for Everyone on Twitter If you enjoyed this post about Twitter, then check out these posts about Social Networking, Stealing Bases Won't Hit It Home Everytime with Social Newtworking and Blogging Twitter Keeps Me In Check.  It's Like That and That's the Way It Is Easy Like Thursda...
Sharing IS the Best Way to Be This morning like every other this week I have woken up with a smile across my face and started my day. Normally my children are still sleeping so I can get a cup of coffee or two in, do some laundry, and of course hop on my computer.  Then they awake and I find that...
Got Computer Skills? My 12 year old daughter took a quiz in her computer class and got an "A".  When I learned about it I asked permission for her to bring it home and share.  Her computer class was pretty interesting to me.  When I took computer class we used floppy disks and took typing tests. ...
In Life and Business Are You the Giving Tree? You blog, you email, you answer questions over the phone freely, without an immediate expectation (i.e. money) of coming back to you.  You do this freely, sometimes invigorated by the sheer enjoyment of helping someone.  Your behavior is altruistic an...
Don't Believe the Hype.  Manipulation Creates Missed Sales Opportunities In every sales situation there are trigger points that once hit on they allow people to purchase goods and services.  When I sold internet marketing products to real estate professionals I was trained to find and hone in on ...

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