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The purpose of this Blog is to provide in-depth analysis of legal issues effecting Massachusetts Real Estate as well as analysis of market trends and comment on common issues, experiences and professional relationships
PART 2 Crunching the Numbers and Gathering Information: This second section of the series describes the necessity of crunching numbers and gathering accurate information from the Seller in order to properly market the property and prepare for the short sale negotiation ---- WORKING WITH DEBTORS:M...
Recently, I was responding to a realtor/broker in  Illinois (Contact Richard Ives) who made a great point in his blog regarding the actual sale trends in his area.  Richard indicated that while it may be taking 100 days or so, Sellers are in his locale ae  still getting within 3% of their asking ...
Upon review of some recent legislation regarding extended notice periods before  acceleration of amounts owed under the foreclosure statute I noticed that an additional section of the law was passes pertaining to loan originators in Massachusetts.  It appears that as of July of 2008 all loan orig...
SHORT SALES FOR THE REALTORa three part seriesby Attorney Nyles L. CourchesnePART 1 Getting Familiar With Short Sales: This first section of the series describes the basic definition of a short sale, the motivations of the Seller and Lender in negotiating a short sale and the basic steps that nee...
I am not an econemist nor do I portend to have any educational background in finance, but I can tell you what I am seeing and how I believe it will effect the market over the next couple of years. . . . For many years I have been closing on 100% financing loans in the greater Springfield, Massach...
What are UST’s?“UST’s” are underground storage tanks. In the Hampden County Area UST's are mostly used for the storage of oil. The problem with these oil storage tanks is that they can leak.  Over time the leaking oil can creat eserious health hazards and cost a great deal of money to remediate.I...
Somebody Moved My HomesteadSomewhere in the conference room of a real estate attorney  ". . . and at no cost to you, my office has prepared a declaration of homestead.”"Oh, how nice. What's a homestead?" Chapter 188 Section 1 of the Massachusetts General Laws provides homeowners (including owners...

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