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This is my blog space. If you have any questions regarding either purchasing or selling real estate. Please leave me a message or visit my web site at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Yep the fed government is trying to infuse money and buying into the real estate industry by raising the caps it had on FHA and VA loans. Thus allowing more people to buy the mid to higher priced homes. Im hoping people start to take advantage of this so that the downturn in the real estate indus...
Finally got a break after a long run without selling anything. Last thing I sold was in February. What a long dry spell this has been. 7 mos without anything. Heres hoping everyone gets a sale soon. Thank you real estate gods.I guess someone was watching over me. Everyone take care and have great...
Today i got this call from this internet compnay who says that thaey will guarantee that I will be the number site on all of the search engines like google, msn, yahoo, aol. and a numbber of others. I was on the phone with them for over 20 minutes before they told me the price. They gave me the s...
Thank you active rain. Active rain has become a place where realtors and people in the real estate industry can come and get their frustrations off their chest. I don't know if that is what it was intended for but this is what its become. I for one like coming on and reading the blogs from everyo...
Wow, I have never seen the bogs this slow. Usually send a blog and next thing you know you have 5 to 6 comments immediately. Today there are so many blogs that 0 comments. What happened is everyone selling real estate and doing mortgages. I must be the only not working today. I dont mean not work...
This scam is being perpertrated on realtors and involves a phony group calling themselves Successful Senior Shopper, U.S. Senior News and Senior News. The evidence is overwhelming of what I have found about these companies. A check of the phones resulted in some of them being disconnected and oth...
I just received an email from a site that said it was from the IRS looked as good as can be had the little symbol of the IRS on it . It said there was an error on my taxes and that I would be getting back an additional $268.00. When I clicked on theĀ  link they provided thats where I knew this was...
I've heard it said that when sellers begin to fear about buyers making offers. Thats how you will be able to tell the market has turned. Well i for one cant wait till this happens. Its been a very dry run the past months.
In Florida right now you are able to buy property at what prices were 7-10 years ago. It is totally amazing to see the market drop as fast and as much as it has. If I had the money I would be buying everything I could get my hands on now because when the market goes back you will be making a kill...
If you want to view some property check out my website. Also when your in there you can check out property pretty much anywhere in the state of Florida. Be my guest.

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