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I am a life long resident of the Greater Sacramento area, and have been a Realtor since 1981. Whether your real estate needs are entry level or executive level, I have the experience to give you the professionalism, you deserve. If you are currently thinking of buying or selling a home, please give me a call. I will be happy to assist you with any real estate needs you have. GreatWest Real Estate is also an excellent relocation resource. Should your move be local or global, I have the resources to give you the best assistance possible.
Every once in a while there’s a subtle reminder I’d leave a logistical disaster behind if I were to unexpectedly expire or kick the bucket. And, usually that reminder acts as catalyst to work on getting “my house in order!” Not long ago, I read an excellent article which asked a thought-provoking...
After a delightful several days visiting three national parks in Utah, along with a couple state parks, it was time to return home.  Highway 50 travels a nearly straight line across the state of Nevada, before connecting up to other roads, not so less traveled. There's a reason Highway 50 is labe...
Not only is Utah's Kodachrome State Park a place of incredible beauty, with vivid colors and stone chimneys, like so much of Utah, it's a realm where cattle are free to roam the range.  Within the park is one especially spectacular chimney which stands solitary in an open field.  It's height - an...
When one first arrives at Zion National Park, they sometimes find there's a small problem.  This problem reminds of dialogue from the old 1950s Gloria Swanson flick, "Sunset Boulevard."  Swanson playing the part of Norma Desmond had two lines, which described the dilemma at Zion.  (1) "All right ...
No journey of the amazing sites and adventures along Utah's Highway 12 would be complete without visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, with its array of naturally carved spires and Hoodoos.    What is a Hoodoo, you ask?  There are several definitions provided for the term according to Merriam - We...
Folks, here’s the thing about traveling certain parts of Utah's Highway 12. There are scenes which remind of childhood days at the Saturday matinee. Days where we soaked up black and white Western movies, like “Stagecoach,” featuring John Wayne, against alien looking landscapes with massive rocky...
(Slide Show contains 7 images) A Rose for Motherby Cleo M. ShoffstallAnother Mother's Day is here,Bringing joy and pleasures new,On this special day, Mother dear,I want to remember you.I cannot give you costly gifts,And I've told you this before,No matter what I give to you,You give back much, mu...
Beginning tomorrow afternoon, my car and I will be putting Magellan on autopilot. We’re heading east.  I won't tell you exactly where, because that would spoil the fun - or at least I think it might:-) There will be mountains, and forests; but not the kind you think of.  There will be deserts, pl...
Sacramento County experienced a -7.1% decrease in number of homes listed FOR SALE in April 2019 vs. the same month a year ago.  For the same period there was a -9.4% decrease in homes SOLD.  Pending sales increased 9.7% Interest rates continue to remain reasonably low. More homes are available, m...
This is May 4th.  What does that mean?  Well, in California, it means our state legislature has declared May 4th as "Star Wars Day." Why, you ask? Because “May the 4th” sounds a lot like “May the Force” be with you! There is also other otherworldly news this weekend.  For the stargazers out there...

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