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In real estate today, large numbers of agents are competing for a shrinking market. With unlimited real estate information available online and multitudes of sites competing with, and seeking to replace the agent, the public increasingly looks at the agent (and brokerage), who only offers the tra...
In the article, "Discount Brokerages Band Together", Matt Carter of Inman News wrote that Virginia-based helps agents who want to dabble in discounting without alienating full-commission customers, or work for a discount broker full time. "Most Realtors® don't want to advertise the...
"CAN I SELL NOW?" (What’s The Market Saying?) "What Price Can I Get? ""How Long Will It Take? ""Who Determines Price Anyway?"In Other Words... "I NEED THE STRAIGHT SCOOP ON PRICING!"Here in Massachusetts, as in other parts of the country, the market for sellers is clearly not what it was last yea...
Fee-For-Service is one of the most talked about trends in real estate today. It is also one of the most misunderstood! There are many companies, both online and off, that call what they do "fee-for-service", when they are in fact, discounters, who provide shoddy service, no representation or advo...

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