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Have you seen so many commercials about flipping properties that you have actually considered calling one of them to start collecting your millions? Flipping can be very profitable it can also be very costly. You need to look at this as an investment. The goal of every investment is to make money...
It always amazes me how many buyers view the inspection as just another wasted expense. The truth is that you don't have to have an inspection. Why you would make the biggest investment in your life without knowing if there are hidden problems is beyond me.If one of my clients waives their right ...
When looking at the question of whether it is better to rent or to own, I will assume that I am talking to someone that has a decent down payment and good credit. The first thing that you need to get out of your head is that buying a house to live in is not an investment. At today's prices and w...
Even as a Realtor that spends most Sundays doing at least one and usually two open houses, I can't tell you how ineffective they are in today's market.If you are looking for a new home and have researched some properties that seem to match your needs, you will find a private showing to be the bes...
My approach to sellers that want to offer huge buyer incentives is to simply lower the price and quit the games. If you need to give a couple thousand back to the buyer for closing costs to make the deal work that's fine. I have seen things like $10,000 towards a new car and $5000 towards furnitu...
While nobody is predicting house prices to rise anytime soon, it does seem that they have flattened out. People that don't NEED to sell are waiting and people that do NEED to sell are priced as low as they can be. If prices are flat and should not rise then how can you miss out on a good market?...
I have broken down the buyer process into the steps that should be taken in order to have a successful outcome.Hire a Buyer Agent: Unless you are buying from a family member or a FSBO, you will more than likely encounter a Realtor. It is your choice to work with the listing agent or have represen...
Do The Simple Math In Massachusetts it is a common myth that in most cases a buyer's agent is paid by the listing broker. While it is true that the listing broker normally right the check, it is actually being paid for by the buyer. Confused? Say you buy a home for $350,000. Buyer's Portion: 5% ...
It has been my experience that while you get more names by having them sign in to get on the site, you also get less motivated leads and your site traffic goes down. Right now I only have them sign in when requesting further information on a subject. This brings people that want answers to speci...
In my dealings as a Realtor that works with both sellers and buyers, I have come up with some buyer agency myths. If you were to ask a group of average consumers, I will bet that 8 out of 10 would answer wrong. I will take them one at a time and continue for the next 4 days. Check back to see if ...

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