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203k loans, the hottest renovation loan product on the market. Offering quick closings on homes that require repairs.
Can I use the 203k to fix up my manufactured home? Upgrading a manufactured or factory built home is possible not just stick built homes. Keep it in mind. We are doing two right now and they are coming together rather nicely. Keep the foundation in tact and you should be fine. This opens up a gre...
203k consultant approval in under four days Wow, HUD is getting very good at the approval process. There has been a distinct change of late in the approval process likely due to the larger number of FHA 203k renovation loans being processed but we are seeing several new consultants being approved...
Limited 203k Software for your 203k departmentAttention Lenders! This is a sales pitch...  So you do allot of Streamlined k loans, how do you manage the contractor/subcontractor paperwork? Cut that paperwork way down and get on to the next project faster. Get a consistent package into your underw...
now and then you hear about a 203k loan that went wrong. I'm not going to sugar coat anything here but most of those could have gone right had they been working with a "TEAM" of experts who know what they are doing. A team is like a well tuned engine. You don't have to be an expert if you work wi...
Live "Rent Free" in America, why not? American's bred and born in America are less apt to see the potential for the FHA 203k to build wealth, but foreign born Americans see it right now and access this powerful strategy to get established and make money in America. In the mid to late 1990's it wa...
Can I replace a failed retaining wall with the FHA 203k loan program? Yes, you can. Some of the questions we get from time to time puzzle me but yes. you can replace or repair a failed retaining will with this terrific program.   HUD/FHA are all about Safety, a failed retaining wall is a safety h...
Termite report for FHA must be on ALL structures at the site !What about that? It has always been the case - DON"T PANIC just yet. Several years ago the rule was relaxed a little which we will get into a little farther down on this post. But for now we'll discuss the requirement as it originally ...
FHA 203k Foundation Types       There are a number of foundation types that we run into on the FHA 203k trail. this home has a concrete perimeter foundation with a grade beam running down the center of the structure to support the interior bearing walls.               This home has a concrete pe...
Can I make repairs to a retaining wall with my FHA 203k loan? The short answer is Yes, you can. You can complete most repairs utilizing the FHA 203k loan guarantee program.  Retaining walls,  Foundation repairs or replacement, Update kitchens and bathrooms, replace or repair a roof, Interior and/...
Attention to all realtors and agents... if your listing has need of any repairs no matter how little, I'd like to see you put in the listing that this is a 203k candidate, or contractor/handyman special. Something to identify that work is needed. There is  no minimum for a 203k streamline so if a...

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