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"Are those websites that estimate the worth of your house any good? I have used several and keep getting different prices," the writer asked. NO! NO! NO! Does it sound like I may have an opinion on this? Many of these websites use aggregate information from similar cities to calculate their value...
I've learned so much since my heart surgery in October, but the most valuable lesson is that I CAN CHANGE. Of course, the fact that I HAVE TO CHANGE probably helped. No, actually, I do not have to change. I could return to the old lifestyle, and my grafts will last seven to ten years. That is not...
My thoughts turn back to 1996 every February. My 15-year-old niece was murdered in February of 1996. Just six weeks earlier, our family had buried Dad (after attending the funeral of one of his sisters the day before). The memory of our family gathering at Dad's graveside was still raw in our min...
Not just another New Year's resolution and not just for the Get Healthy in the Rain blog challenge... I thought of you today, Dr. Stacey-Ann Baugh, and your GET HEALTHY challenge. It drove me to the health club, not for the usual New Year's weight loss resolution, but for a far bigger reason. As ...
A tale of two leaks ~ Listen closely, zealous real estate agent, while I try to convince you NEVER to turn on the water for a client. The agent wanted to help his buyer get a vacant house inspected, but first the utilities had to be activated. With the owner's written permission, the agent turned...
I went to the hospital ER for the FOURTH time with what turned out to be a heart problem. On each of the three previous trips, I was told that my heart was "strong." Turns out, it was strong, but it was also being strangled by blockages. Here's what I did NOT have: Pain in my chest Crushing press...
It happened again today while we were buying some Christmas videos in Hastings. A little child got all excited upon seeing Floyd. Can anyone guess why my hubby does not wear red near Christmas?  Floyd played along, looking at him and laughing a soft "ho, ho, ho...not til tomorrow, buddy." Floyd u...
So much hype about the end of the Mayan calendar that few people seemed to notice the really neat combination of numbers the calendar brought us TODAY! How do we get so off track with such things, anyway? Truth got completely trashed by all of the dire predictions about what the end of the Mayan...
I am an experienced REO agent, and I am on Res and Equator; but long before joining either of those, I got my very first REO listing as a result of being on REO Network and doing Clear Capital BPOs. I also did a ton of BPOs for RRR. While I don't think doing BPOs is currently a reliable entry poi...
Today marks two calendar months since I had quadruple coronary bypass surgery. It has been an amazing journey. I am almost "normal" now, though who really wants to be normal, anyway? ;-) Things I can do now that were difficult or ill-advised earlier in my recovery:Sleep without pain medication, a...

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