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Head 'em off at the pass, and you could save your deal. Sometimes, you have to be able to anticipate problems and have a plan of action ready. I learned that in high school debate. The trusty quote box had to have a card for every argument the other side might throw at us. One local agent failed ...
When we neared Riverbend Realty's one year anniversary, we wanted to celebrate by doing something nice for the other real estate companies in town. Inspired by the current cupcake fad, we started checking prices at local bakeries. I started trolling the internet for large batch recipies, just out...
 "Bernadine, I love you. Bernadine, where are you? I need you, Bernadine," he said. Every sentence either started or ended with Bernadine. "Bernadine, I'm sorry. Bernadine, I didn't mean it. I love you, Bernadine..." I could not see the man who was outside in the hall as I sat by Mom's bedside in...
When I got my first Android nearly two years ago, I had walked into the store firmly convinced that I would get an iPhone to replace the Palm I had been hanging onto dearly because of the IR port. That IR was important to me, because I used my smart phone to communicate with the Supra boxes that ...
Bass notes reverberating from open car windows, children laughing as they try to conquer hoola hoops, birds singing in still barren trees, and the ice cream truck preemptively summonsing eager buyers...the sounds of warm weather were all around me last week as the temperatures rose into the 70's ...
Would you front over $4,000 for inspections on one of your listings? That's right: Would YOU front over $4,000 for an INSPECTION? I can hear you saying, "Of course not. That's not the agent's responsibility!" Welcome to the world of REO, where it IS THE AGENT'S RESPONSIBILITY, along with repairs ...
The internet is a great place to get an overview of what's available in the local housing market, but it should not be your only source of information. Much of what prospective homebuyers find on the internet is old information or sketchy. Finding what you believe might be your perfect home, only...
Top things that go wrong in your HUD contract package (continued from Part 1). LBP Addendum - Broker fails to initial where required (they use check marks instead of initials) Lender Letter does not indicate all the required items: loan type, loan amount, sales price, statement that credit has be...
The HUD contract is deceptively simple, as it is only one page. The associated addenda fill several additional pages. In spite of that, the four most common errors occur on the one page contract. HUD contracts must be originals, signed in blue ink, and over-night delivered to the appropriate HUD ...
What if I left my diamond ring on the table, right in front of you, right where you could see it clearly, then I left it there. Would you pick it up and put it on your finger, using it as your own?     What if someone left a purse at your house. Would you keep it? Would you claim it as your own?...

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