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Today I was with a client, and she is moving from out of town. She is buying a condo in the Spring Creek Crossing subdivision. The condo is on the Parade of homes, and is a fabulous home. She came to visit today, to take another look before she closes next week.   We had a chat about her buying ...
With all of this technology you still can't beat going to look at a home in person. The pictures on the internet, the virtual tours, the video tours, and all the hype of internet advertising still doesn't cut it.  The advertising is a great way for you to narrow your search, but until you go look...
The other day I had a problem come up. I had a seller that was using a relocation company, and they tried to extort a 40% referral fee out of me. I felt cornered, and was upset at the fact I had discounted my commission. So, I did the first thing that came to my mind. I asked the ActiveRain commu...
I was asked today by one of my sellers if they should call the utility company and cancel there utilities. I informed them if they cancel their utilities, the buyer will have to pay a reconnection fee, and they won't be to happy.  So, the answer is no. What you should do when selling a home, is c...
When a home goes into foreclosure, the bank holds an auction where investors can show up and place a bid on the home. You can get a steal of deal at an auction, but there can be some major consequences. Buying a home at an auction probably isn't the best idea for a novice home buyer.  Here's Why...
As you know, the housing market is in uncharted waters, and the current is unpredictable. The only thing you know, is the price you paid, and the money you owe on your home. You don't know when your home will sell, if it sells at all. Unfortunately this is reality, and it's becoming more and more...
There are many myths to buying bank owned homes aka REO(Real Estate Owned) properties. I'm hoping to iron out some of those myths to give you a better understanding of the process of buying a banked owned home. Buying a bank owned home just may not be as easy as you think it is.    Mythbusting Th...
Last night I was cooking some dinner for my family, and I had a thought. I know weird huh? Anyways,  as I was boiling some water, for some odd reason, I had a flashback to my High School science days. I remembered learning that water boils at exactly 212 degrees. Not at 211, but it has to reach e...
With the first time home buyer tax credit, and the potential for the $6000 new construction home run grant. Logan UT townhomes and Logan Utah condos could be a great buy. You can save up to $14,000 on your Logan UT townhome.  As of today, there are 54 active Logan Utah townhomes and Logan UT cond...
Did you miss the Boat? Waiting for it to come back? Well, sorry to say, but if you're waiting for the interest rate boat to come back, I hope you packed a big lunch, because it's not coming back anytime soon.  Remeber when interest rates were under 5%? That was only a month ago. Today they are h...

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