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Each professional that helps with the buying and selling of a home receives a designated fee that does not fluctuate based on the value of your home, while real estate agents earn a percentage based on the sale price. How does a Realtor’s job change when listing a home based on the value of the h...
Have you ever wondered why some homes sell in only a few days, but it takes other homes weeks or months to sell? Years of real estate experience has provided me with key insight as to why some homes sell quicker than others.  Keep reading to discover my nine secrets that will have your home flyin...
If you’re selling your home, receiving multiple offers would feel like dream come true, right? With fewer homes in the housing market, strong demand and good interest rates, it isn’t a dream outside of your reach. However, as the offers roll in, this dream could turn into a nightmare if you selec...
Technology is shaping every aspect of our lives - and home buying and selling is no exception! Nowadays, people are searching for homes online when they’ve got spare time or their kids are in bed. In fact, 43 percent of people searching for a home begin their search online. This shift in home sea...
 Summer is a common time for break-ins! Whether you are on vacation or just going to work every day, check out my latest blog for simple steps to deter burglars and protect your home.
Finding this perfect real estate agent is much like finding the perfect partner - you want someone who understands your needs, while helping you achieve your goals at the same time! The search for your dream home starts with a dream agent, but where do you begin? Check out these tips to help find...
One of the biggest road blocks standing between you and the successful sale of your home is the home inspection. An easy way to speed up the inspection process and ensure a hassle-free closing is to analyze your home’s condition and make the necessary repairs before the inspection takes place. Fi...
 Compared to other states in the U.S., Iowa is considered one of the most reasonably prices places to live! Get the breakdown of the average cost of living in Iowa and how your home expenses stack up with my latest infographic here. Are you paying more or less than the average homeowner in Iowa?
 Spring home sales are officially in full swing. With the multitude of homes on the market it can be hard to diferentiate your home from others. I have put together the Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Home in Spring to help clients ensure their home will be noticed.  Discover my Top 10 Tips for Sell...
  Clients are always asking me for advice on ways to increase the value of their home. It can be hard to prioritize what improvements to make on your home and to understand which ones will give you the best return on investment. To help answer these questions, I compiled the 10 Best Ways to Incr...

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