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Our blog is written for REALTORs and Real Estate Agents who want to learn more about Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Video Marketing. We provide tips, tools, product reviews and resources that Realtors(r) can use to grow their business. We also show you how to improve these platforms with specific details and information that you can apply to your Marketing Strategy. We know that every task you do doesn't directly make you money. So you should be delegating those tasks to professionals with experience and knowledge. We can do it faster and better! Our job is to EXPOSE YOU!
Do You Believe This? Okay, people. As they say, stats don't lie. I just read this article on The by Susannah Cahalan. I have to tell you it's a great Friday afternoon read because it is just mind blowing the details she reveals. I have been a Real Estate Virtual Assistant for about 19 ...
Typically Sundays Are My Favorite Day of the Week...Typically! We work all week long. Whether you are in Real Estate, Virtual Assistance, Air Traffic Controller or the grocery Check-Out person. You put in your time and you look forward to the time you get to do other things. You deserve your time...
You Played the Market Perfectly...Don't Blow It Now! Many people suffered through the housing crisis. We realize that most of the heartache was the result of a housing and mortgage market gone wild. Many consumers were swept away by the waters of a frenzied real estate market that resulted in a c...
Millennials: How Many are Actually 'Living with their Parents'? Every day we are pleasantly surprised with the research coming forward regarding the Millennial generation. Whether it was the over-exaggeration of the student debt challenge, the misbelief that they are not yet ready to buy or theun...
Technical Support Woes - Darned if You Don't! Darned if You Do! It is only Tuesday and i have already had a very rough week. I own 4 computers, an iPhone and a Kindle. This week almost every computer or source I have to access the internet, work and email has crashed with no quick results.  A cou...
Holiday Roh-oh-oh-oooh oh oh oh oh oh ohd!!!  Holiday Roh-oh-oh-oooh oh oh oh oh oh ohd!!!   We all remember this little ditty from the movie National Lampoon's  Family Vacation with the Griswold Family starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo!!! Just thinking about grandma dead and strapped to...
It's Friday! Did I Make It? Wow! What a week this has been. I wrote a blog about this last week how you can be going right along and then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. That was my week! Monday was Memorial Day so that already messed up my week and my normal schedule. But then Sunday nigh...
5 Signs You Need a Virtual Real Estate Assistant Everybody is busy these days. So much happens in your real estate business on a daily basis that keeps you hoppin'. I totally get it! I read a blog post the other day from an Agent on ActiveRain and he mentioned that he wanted to get out of town fo...
Facebook Adds Audio Recognition As i was perusing the internet today in search of new technology and tools I ran across an update for Facebook. So I went to find out what is going on over at and by golly, Facebook has a new way to interact! It is called Audio Recognition. When turned...
Proven Strategies for Increasing Your Happiness Happiness is so interesting, because we all have different ideas about what it is and how to get it. So you understand that my “happiness” may not be the same as your “happiness” so I am going to go with a generic “happiness” level here that everyon...

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Our specialty is all facets of Real Estate Social Media and Marketing. Our Team of Virtual Assistants provide tools and resources that you can use to grow your real estate business online. We develop, implement and maintain social media and marketing plans for REALTORS(r).

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