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Real Estate Agents v. Real Estate Consultants - (Is it Superman v. Clark Kent) or (A Chocolate Labrador v. A Yellow Labrador) I have recently been kicking around ideas as how to differentiate and set myself apart from others that I am so alike already...  Professional and knowledgable Commercial ...
Are you downsized, looking for something new or wanting to be your own boss, then contact Pappas Realty Co., to discuss some current business opportunities we have available today. 330-762-0535   Currently, we have an upscale restaurant, a laundromat, a full service restaurant and banquet facilit...
With an overwhelming 50% of the votes, Business was the category that takes honors for twittering! Social was 2nd with 33%... To see the actual results, visit the link below or start your own poll and let me know about it so I can vote!
02/22/2009   What do you use Twitter for? By @kelevramojo poll created on Feb 15, 2009 Business Personal Social Don't understand Twitter
The two videos I have place below deal with stretching and core exercise which are two extremely important places (in addition to cardio) to build a foundation for future health and fitness achievements. Stretching helps to warm your body up and lessen the likelyhood of injuries and the impact of...
I 3> this song and will probably always get a release of endorphins when I hear it, I hope by sharing the tune and the video that someone else finds a similar feeling, or simply just enjoys it.  Happy Valentines Day! This song is often rumored to tell the story about a stripper. The stripper stat...
This is a picture of the walkway crossing over Bowery St in downtown akron.  You can see the original and the edited version. I used picasa 3 for this and have been enthused with the results now and in the past with Picasas capabilities. I used to utilize Dell, but after a while all the normal se...
Investment Real Estate Improvement Considerations When considering a project for an Investment property, the first question you need to ask yourself, is simply, "Is this necessary, now?" If the project is not considered dire and the consequences are minimal to nil, then logically in this market, ...
Great spoof on rap songs and how easy they are to make... I imagine you could do this for old country as well, but for sure rap... (WARNING) Grown up lyrics all over the place...
With the changes in thinking, living and existing that society as a majority has assumed and is currently living.  It is amazing to myself and others why so many apartment advertisements and property sellers are utilizing the same messages they were before the economic issues afflicted us.  It wo...


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