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I am busy - like 2005-2006 busy.  Everything I have been working on is happening at once even....A SALE THAT IS CLOSING EARLY! How long has it been since that's happened?  It's not because things are workng better - it's just that the lenders and buyers finally have no more excuses and are having...
Here in farming country the harvest is beginning.  Soon trucks hauling wheat potatoes onions and other crops will be everywhere on the roads.  Big hay swathers are moving around now, the hay market is great the weather is perfect finally and they're "making hay while the sun shines".  Like onions...
I had a listing appointment yestrerday, I thought it would be easier than other recent ones since the prospective seller is an astute investor.  I was wrong again, I had the comparables with me and the bad news about pricing was a shock to her.  When it's your own house and your own security, bli...
We are back from a week's vacation!!  We drove from our home in Eastern Oregon, to Dallas attended a college reunion (college is defunct- first reunion ever, hard to recognize people after 43 years - lol), and drove back.  Memories, little Thai restaurant in Colorado, out in the sticks, two lane ...
Hilariously busy week.  I speak Spanish (not perfectly) latino clients have always been about thirty percent of my business.  Although I hadn't spoken much Spanish in two weeks, Monday was almost all in Spanish interspersed with showings in several towns not necessarily nearby.  Tuesday and Wedne...
Today I get to help with the Global Village Festival in Ontario Oregon.  I'v e done this most years since it was started, I really enjoy it. Our area celebrated diversity before it was cool and before we even knew what diversity was. It's not that prejudice doesn't exist here, it does, but tolera...
We here in the Intermountain West take beautiful scenery as our normal.  We are used to and expect wonderous views everywhere we go.  THis last weekend I was able to add a new area to my experience.  We went through Washington State diagonally,  I had been to and love the Tri-Cites with the Colum...
We have an improtant vote today in our Payette-Washington County Board of Realtors meeting.  We are going to vote whether or not to dissolve and become members-at-large or stay as we are. This vote was precipitated by the Idaho Association of Realtors becoming unable to administer our local board...
My buyers signed last Wednesday, May 4, today is May 10, I am waiting to have it confirmed that yes we are funding today.  It's been a week. Too Bad so sad, next?  Yes but, what can I do about this other than complain,  I can't sue, don't have the money time or energy.  Don't want to be the "test...
This is a comfortable older home very conventiently located.  The living room is big and the 2 bedrooms are large also.  The kitchen and bath are at the rear of the house and open up to a back deck.  Sooo the front porch faces East - sun in the morning and shade in the evening, the back deck face...

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