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Fall, is an understatement...plummet might be more appropriate. This week has definitely been one for the books... If you haven't heard, mortgage rates have taken a serious dive & are now hovering around 4.75% for a 30 yr insane is that!?!?  They were just @ 6% a few weeks ago.  And w...
We've received some of the biggest news to hit newsstands in quite some time and it barely made the spotlight! News that the Treasury Dept has plans to purchase roughly $600 Billion in mortgage-backed securities should be posted on the front page of every news giant across the nation, but instead...
WDBJ 7 (Roanoke, VA) posted this story a few month's ago, which shows one women's perspective on using her Reverse Mortgage to help pay keep her home & continue to pay for her medical expenses, payoff bills, and make home repairs. Enjoy!   Widow calls reverse mortgage a blessing News7's Hollani D...
A recent report by the Urban Institute titled "How Much Could Reverse Mortgages Contribute to Retirement Incomes?" states that homeowners over the age of 62 could see an 18% increase in median annual income just by using an annuity-type Reverse Mortgage.  Homeowners over the age of 82 could see i...
You probably know how the process usually works when purchasing a home with a traditional loan. Once the buyer finds the home they want, it's appraised - then inspected. The lender only approves the loan if the property meets the requirements in value AND condition. In the case of foreclosures, u...
If you're reading this, your probably in one of the following stages in your life: Either you currently own a home & want to renovate, you're thinking of buying a "fixer upper" as your home, you want to sell your house & buy a home that needs a little work, or your home is on the market, but it j...
November 11, 2008Tales were brewing Tuesday as veterans gathered in Roanoke Video Gallery <1> Tales were brewing Tuesday as veterans gathered in Roanoke (11/11) 1:44 On Tuesday, veterans didn't have to pay for their cups of coffee.
en·sem·ble [ahn-sahm-buhl] "all the parts of a thing considered together" When you think of the word ensemble, what comes to mind?  How wonderful it sounds when all the elements of an orchestra come together? The Cello, Piano, Violin, Flute all blending together...  Or, would it be how amazing i...
Statistics show that less than 3% of all homeowners make any kind of consistent pre-payment on their own. How does it work? Easy Equity is an automated bi-weekly payment program that takes the guesswork out of building equity in your home. Every two weeks we will initiate a payment (equal to ½ y...
Area veterans, Vinton town officials and citizens - dedicated to recognizing veterans past & present - wish to honor those who have made and continue to make personal sacrifices for our freedom.  Thus was born the idea of an outdoor, freestanding Veterans monument, constructed to pay homage to al...

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