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Early Sunday morning I was awakened by a Hispanic Easter Morning Mass on Jupiter Beach. We could easily hear the loudspeakers from our condo which is .4 miles from them and by the time we were headed to the beach we were serenaded by mariachi music and happy and noisy people. We didn't get close ...
At the Active Rain Meet Up organized by Kathy Streib I met Neil Archer who is new to real estate but not d to entrepreneurship. Neil organized his 11th British Car and Motorbike Show in Carlin Park by our condo and what an incredible show it was today. First off, when you have 80 degrees and sunn...
It was an epic in the making! Last year I contacted Kathy Streib about coming to Del Ray Beach while we were with family at Christmas in North Palm Beach and staying at our place in Jupiter but good things come to those who wait. Kathy who is a great organizer, she is a stager, got a group togeth...
So getting up at 4:00 AM in the morning without a cup of coffee is how we spend our travel mornings when we go to our place in Jupiter Florida. Having traveled a lot I can verify that every airline has their time in the bullring and today's democratized travel has its rewards but also its frustra...
I haven't done an update in awhile but the last two days have been highly motivated. The original post talked about my obsession with health apps on my Apple Watch and the ability to set daily parameters for my goals. One goal I set was a minimum of 700 active calories burned each day and 1000 ov...
I have enjoyed participating but even more reading what brands people were passionate about. Many were surprising to me either because they were local and we often think of branding on a large scale, and other devotions were to companies  where I had seen bad reviews especially automobiles. I had...
Tony Robbins has been writing investment books lately and on an article on the home page of MSN, he said that young people should not buy a personal home. The simple reasoning he gave for this is that a home to him is not a good investment for them. His feelings is that without income being produ...
I have a lot of investors and almost all of them are out of state. Many of them are from California and a good portion of them are in the tech industry. Recently I have had a slew of Facebook IT people and I spoke to quite a few of them in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. Just in the last few...
Time for a not so serious post but maybe somewhat serious. My wife and I have had three "puppies" together. We call them puppies regardless of age because we are crazy silly parents when it comes to our pets. I write in honor of the first dog who adopted me which was Corduroy, named after the chi...
What confounds me the most about REALTORS® is why they do not own investment property. Warren Buffett famously said, "Invest in what your know", and what we should no best is real estate. In fact I have a new one hour class I am teaching in Oklahoma on an introduction to real estate investing. In...

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