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Big Horn, WY is still one of the great places in this world to live, work and play.  With the timeless beauty of the Big Horn Mountains for a backdrop and the outstanding character of the wonderful people in this community, Big Horn truly is one of the last best places.
Well, unfortunately we're having a bit of a Spring storm today here in Sheridan WY, but hey- it's March and it's WY.  It isn't quite bad enough to cancel school for the kids though, but my horses were sure unhappy this morning.  They're waiting for better days ahead, maybe to try to buck me off w...
Here in the midst of economic chaos and fear, where the Stock Market has lost more than half  its value in the last eighteen months and scandals and fraud seem to overwhelm the news every day, you might wonder if there's anything real and substantive out there in the world.  Remember when people...
Well, it looks like it's going to get worse for anyone who actually pays taxes!  We are not included in the big old bag of goodies (our goodies that are going to be given to all those who haven't earned them).  I don't want any goodies, because I've always wanted to produce for myself- I hate bei...
Hey all you all, Just in case someone has the means and the desire to own the one of the premier ranches in Wyoming and one of the best in the whole country, The Polo Ranch in Big Horn WY is available. This is a property that will definitely have tax advantages for several reasons.  First, a new ...
Count your blessings each and every day.  Today, as every day when I wake up in the beautiful Little Goose Valley near Sheridan and Big Horn, WY, I think how lucky and blessed I am to live in such a fantastic place.  I have a great family and my surroundings are some of the most beautiful anywher...
This weekend will be a great showcase for youth soccer in Sheridan, WY at the Big Horn Events Center (BHEC).  It's really a great venue and  a lot of fun as there will be 112 teams playing from the 10 and under age group up through the 14 year old division.  This is sure to be a high energy event...
Exquisite!  That word porbably caome as close to describing this property as anything can. You really need to actuall walk upon this land to appreciate it, but short of paralleling Chief Crazy Horse's footsteps, this will have to suffice until you get here to see it.This could be one of the most ...
Tonight, I'd like to showcase our beautiful area with a video "Landscapes and Lifestyles".  In this video, you'll get a taste of what it's like to live in or near Sheridan, Wyoming.  Maybe you already live here, or have visited for some reason (dude ranch vacation, business, etc.).  Feel free to ...
Named after Oliver Henry Wallop, the OH Ranch represents the very essence of Big Horn, WY.  This gorgeous ranch borders the Canyon Ranch and sits along Trabing Creek at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains.  Oliver Henry, AKA Noll Wallop, (written bout extensively in Where the Rivers Run North, by ...

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