A high school friend of mine is in the last hours of his physcal journey --- and it breaks my heart.A year ago there was a high school reunion in Oil City, Pennsylvania that I wanted to attend, but got too busy with my real estate business and did not get there. But Jim made it, all the way from ...
Happened again today --- after 4 months of looking consistently each weekend, including a concerted 3 day effort this last weekend, "the parents" join the process to provide support as a young couple considers the finalists. While the opinion of trusted friends and family is of great value, it ca...
400 North Avenue, Unit #2, in Dunellen, NJ is a pristine one bedroom Condo in a new(er) elevator building with on-site laundry and basement private locked storage for each unit.   Priced at $159,000 it is a great value and a wonderful apartment alterantive! The hardwood floors throughout are "lik...
The "models" suggest that  you reach a point that "the right assistant" will make the difference to your success. Call it a hit the wall moment.   So to those of you that are following me, you know that I have recently added an assistant, Fred.  He ranks very highly in all supportive categories, ...
Basking Ridge, NJ -- also known as Bernards Township -- is in demand.  With easy access to highways and transportation, well-regarded schools and a wide variety of housing choices across the pricing spectrum, Basking Ridge ranks high among buyers interested in Somerset County.  The March month-en...
 Just wrapped this marketing video - after much procrastination due to intense camera shy issues. Happy with the outcome - what do you think? 
Another installment of "the right assistant changes everything" ---- here is my Freddy tackling a particularly tough contract....ah, what would I do without my Fred?
Largely at At At the urging of family, I adopted an assistant --- Mr.Fred Flinestone.  Rescued along with his brother Barney, of Mountainside NJ, Fred remained the shy unadoptable one until we connected --- shy? OMG are you kidding me?? - a blessing in every way and confirmation that...
Reflections of my day ---- in spite of two days with no voice to a whisper of a voice I have carried on. My day started off with an amazing couple from the city - one little boy and a little girl nearly here (a few more weeks in the oven). in Mendham. I can only hope they have as much fun with me...
A week ago I met a family for the first time to show them homes.  Hard-working people, two kids, renting all their lives - and now ready to buy.They found me online, as many of my clients do.  I told them I would be honored to help I always tell my clients, because I really mean it.  As...

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