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& List of Top 10 Low Cost Improvements that Add BIG Value   You sold your house!   Or, you are thinking of getting a lower rate and refinancing your current mortgage.   You are going to need property appraisal on your home.   While the actual 10-12 page report may only take an hour or two for th...
Educational opportunities are a big factor in many people’s choice of a home town. There are the K-12 schools for one thing, but there also are kids’ sports and extracurricular offerings to consider. On every point, Lake Forest offers just what you may be looking for. Lake Forest’s K-12 schools a...
 The small city of Lake Forest is bordered on the north by Irvine, and on the south by Mission Viejo. All three of these cities are ranked among the safest cities in the country.     True to its name, Lake Forest is home to both lakes and forests—a rarity in Southern California communities. The l...
When To Know It’s Time To Refinance Your Home Loan Your home is most likely the biggest investment you have, so refinancing your home is not to be taken lightly. Refinancing your home can be a great way to save money or even improve your financial situation, however before you refinance, you need...
 Rate Locks & Good Faith Estimates Top 5 Questions: 1. What guarantee do you offer with rates provided on your written rate quote? A rate quote is NOT a guarantee of a mortgage rate until the loan is "LOCKED." A quote is a reflection of the rate "At that moment" the loan officer prepared the quot...
 June 8, 2015   Want to buy a house? Wondering if you can qualify?  We can help and now is the time to get started. Give us a call and we can review your credit situation and even pull a complete credit profile for you if needed. The major purchases you make, like a home or a car, are affected by...

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