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  HUD homes come in all shapes and sizes.  They are for sale in most segments of the Atlanta Metro Area and sell at a wide range of prices.  For Buyers they serve a variety of needs. Earlier this year one of our Team’s Realtors purchased a forlorn and somewhat neglected foreclosed town home in a...
  Last week we spent a full day with nearly 200 of the top REO sales and marketing teams from across the USA listening to the collective thinking of eight of the top asset managers from six asset management companies representing billions of dollars of foreclosed properties for both large and sm...
  The phone call began with this ominous statement:  “You’re going to die when you hear this… I know I almost did!”  WOW!  A pretty strong opening to a business conversation; but it says a lot about the kind of frustration Realtors as well as their clients feel when transactions fail.  However, ...
This Blog, written today by Peggy Chirico, a Realtor serving the Greater Hartford Conn. area is wise, practical advise to all Sellers and Realtors who want to successfully serve their Clients. Advice for Sellers:  The One Question You Must Ask Your REALTOR®   If you are thinking about putting you...
    Every time one of the Buyer Realtors on our Team presents an offer on behalf of the Buyer to a Seller’s Realtor representing a short sale, the Buyer is given a document that explains in full detail what a short sale is, how a short sale transaction works, and what they can expect to occur du...
  OK.  So now you have a binding agreement and it’s time for your Realtor’s Team of professionals to assist you in the necessary due diligence work to be sure the property you are about to purchase is physically all you hope it is.  A home inspection, termite inspection, roof inspection, heat & ...
  Sellers, here is some straight talk from Buyers about what “makes a house feel good” when they step in for the first time.   Before I spill the beans, though, let’s explore just why this is so important to Buyers and why this can be the determining factor in a Buyer choosing one home over anot...
  Why do Realtors and their Teams sell houses?  The reasons are as varied as the real estate professionals working in the field.  But here is the number one reason I hear from Realtors I have worked with over the years, and from members of our Team. Most often I hear it is the “joy of helping pe...
  In the Atlanta Metro Market, the high water pricing mark for all residential real estate was reached in 2007.  The Peak month was June 2007 when the average sale price climbed to just under $270,000.  By August 2007 the price had decreased seasonally to around $265,000.  At the end of August 2...
  No transaction, whether you are Buying or Selling a home runs smoothly from start to finish.  There are many variables that must be managed.  There are many issues that should be anticipated.  There are some issues that cannot be anticipated but must be worked on with solutions found.  Just as...

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