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Michelle, being a fellow Home Stager knows that getting your home "Market Ready" and "Turn Key" is what today's home buyer wants. This is very true here in Potomac, Bethesda and Rockville Maryland as well as Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. Home buyers in the Los Angeles real estate market ...
How does a Home Stager working in Bethesda, Rockville and Potomac Md become better? I believe education is the way. Sharing experiences and seeing what other Stagers across the country are doing is a sure way to spark ideas. That is exactly what I did. The week from Oct 7-11 eighty plus ASP and A...
This past week I and my fellow Washington DC Staging Chapter (Washington DC IAHSP Chapter) had the honor and privaledge to redesign the Fisher House in Washinton DC. Fisher House is where military personnel and their families stay while getting treated at Walter Reed Military Hospital. Every yea...
Paul Walker from Potomac, read my recent blog on what to do to increase your chance of selling your home fast and for more money. He summed it up in a phrase...."Make your home Market Ready". Remember as an agent you have so much to take of. I have been reading the blogs. This is why it's importa...
 I had an epiphany yesterday. If you want to sell your listings just follow these three steps. 1. Get to know a reputable Home Stager. One with an ASP designation usually takes the guesswork out. 2. Have them go with you to evaluate each property. 3. Insist that your clients follow the Home Stage...
Stephen makes an excellent point here. Just remember if proper pricing is partnered with good staging the property will sell even faster! I been witness to this time and time again. My real estate agents are wishing all their properties would sell as fast as the ones I stage in Bethesda, Potomac ...
I was putting together a project to paint, clean house and carpet, do some repairs,some electrical work and change out some carpet. This was all to be done before I could go in and stage. OK, I could handle it, I scheduled it all. The painter, electrician, carpet replacement, and cleaning, house...
I attended my first Rain Camp. This is where inspiration and information rains. Active Rain the real estate website rented a room in the Marriott Marque and invited real estate agents, brokers and home stagers. The energy was so powerful I "had a buzz" all day.  The enthusiasm and excitement was...
 We must make our houses become items for sale, we have to be able to look at them objectively.  We have to forget that the doll collection on display in the living room was passed down three generations and realize that it and the big obtrusive statue in the main hallway that you so graciously l...
The last year of staging at Home Staging by Vivian LLC was a great time along with great successes. I staged in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.  I staged for other ASP stagers with their own companies and I staged my own jobs as well.  I am new to Active Rain and I have been told ...

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