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Before I start getting into the process of working on SEO I want to let those of you who are reading this where I am at presently.  I have 2 web sites and .  Both are new sites and have had very little promotion.  For this project I am going to focus on TheRebat...
I notice that most post do not have any type of signature at the end of the post.  Is it not a good idea to have a signature with a link to website to start accumulating backlinks?  I know not every post is going to be ideal for having all of the keyword for ones website but don't all backlinks b...
I Must Be Crazy!- SEO Project - Day 1It is easy to get online and blog every now and then but I have decided to take on a long term commitment to this project.  For some of you that would be no big deal but I have one major flaw - I am not a writer.  So As I have been contemplating this project I...
I am on my new Tilt phone making this post. Now I can access Activerain wherever I have cell coverage. Technology is great. After I post this blog I am going to make several comments. Wow, you gotta love it.
Spokane real estate is a great investment with many dividends.  If you are contemplating purchasing a home in Spokane you should consider a few things first.  How much is a home going to cost?Are you ready for the responsibility?How are your finances?How long do you plan to stay put?Read Entire A...
I see all these graphics on the blogs and wonder where everyone gets them.  Are people really paying for pictures for every post. Using own pictures?  I am sure that some copy them off of other sites but I really do not want to do that since it is not legal. I would like to use more graphics but ...
Many people are not sure if they are ready for Home Ownership.  Take this short little quize to see if you are ready to buy a home.  Take Quiz: @ If you passed the quiz and would like to find a home in Spokane, WA then call me.Mel MillerThe Rebate Realtor Helping Bu...
Get the facts about Home Buyers Rebates.  The Rebate Realtor offers up to a 2% Buyers Rebate for Spokane Real Estate and Washington Real Estate.  See how a rebate on your next home purchase might benefit you.  There is a lot of misinformation on this subject so get the facts.  Futher reading on R...
If you are looking to purchase a home in Spokane or in the state of Washington you might look at getting a Buyers Rebate.  Get up to a 2% rebate when you buy a home using The Rebate Realtor.  What that means is that if you purchase a $200,000 home in Spokane, Washington you could get up to $4,000...
What is A Home Warranty?Contemplating a home purchase?  Ever wonder about the water or dishwasher?  It is very frustrating when you purchase a home and shortly thereafter something breaks.  It happened on my on my home in Spokane, WA.  We moved to Spokane because of the affordable housing market....

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