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I get this report weekly, this is just part of the report. Of the the things to note is the 91 days on market in Tracy, CA.  It's very important to note that this 91 days include short sales.  Tracy Short Sale homes are on the market longer than the most while waiting for the bank to approve the ...
That's a great question, and one I get asked frequently.   There are so many factors that contribute to the appropriate answer for YOU and your short sale situation. I know that most home owners in Tracy and Mountain House, CA who purchased their homes prior to 2005 are upside down.  Making the d...
These crazy birds appear to be afraid of nothing. Have you ever been on a Fisherman’s Wharf anywhere in the world? If yes, you will notice that sea gulls are everywhere. This guy was spotted in Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf perched on a post daring people to get close. He didn’t even flinch as I g...
If it takes Valentine's Day to show your "intimate companion" that you love them, you're probably doing it wrong.... Just saying. Happy Valentine's Day... is it really a day of love? I once had a 6 year old tell me he "hated Valentaine's Day cuz it was all about love and PINK" I'm certain as that...
Valentine's Day otherwise known to 1st graders as the PINK DAY. Here is ton's of trivia, how much did you know?   Thought for the day "if it takes a holiday for you to do something special for those you love, you're doing it wrong... just saying." Hope your Valentine's Day is everything you wish ...
This is right outside the Crown Key Realty office front door.  The dirt is BRICk hard, there is no water. Yet year after year these little potential beauties pop thier heads up through the dirt. Photo when blooming to follow. Dandelions excude Tenacity, they never give up.  They should not succee...
Painted Ladies, that is what this group of homes are called. Remember Full House, the opening scene showed the family in the park, with these pretty houses in the back ground? Yesterday, I found them.   Another First.  I've always wanted to see them first hand.  Having lived in the San Francisco ...
I moved to California 33 years ago. This is the first time I've ever experinced it. First I was too young. Then it was too dangerous. Then I had children who wouldn't be patient Yet finally yesterday, on a fluke it happened. As I sat in the Apple Store in Downtown San Francisco watching an Etsy p...
One of the places I love to go is San Francisco.   I'm lucky, I live in Tracy, CA San Francisco is only an hour away from Tracy, CA When our first child was born I lived in San Mateo, I was 30 minutes from San Francisco. There were many nights when my husband would say, "should we, it's 10:30 p.m...
So what's your RINGTONE say about You?  Does your phone RING or Vibrate.   Although I have my RINGTONE my phone is so often on SILENT that no one ever hears it. I made my own ringtone, it was meant to be a "dream board", "set my goals", "my motivation", and a tad tongue in cheek.... When my phone...

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