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Although the House of Representatives passed legislation earlier in 2009 to allow Bankruptcy Judges to modify loans secured only by a debtor's principal residence, 50 Democrats reversed themselves and rejected similar legislation recently introduced into the House.  When questioned, some stated w...
Commencing a Chapter 13 Case –A Chapter 13 bankruptcy case begins with the filing of the bankruptcy petition. –Upon the filing of the petition an automatic stay arises that prohibits creditors from taking any further action to collect a debt or enforce a judgment. –A Notice of Commencement of Cas...
As reported on MSNBC.com (Nov. 1, 2009): Executives of America's 28 largest banks will meet with Federal Reserve supervisors on Monday to discuss the Fed's plan to police banks' pay policies, officials said Friday. Consumer spending plunged in September by the largest amount in nine months, refle...
Here are Three Facts Every Client Must Know: 1. If you bank where they borrow, the bank will seize funds as a set off, even if you file bankruptcy. 2. When a Bankruptcy Case is filed, certain banks, such as Wells Fargo and Union, will freeze accounts as a custodian of the account. They will not r...
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American Bankers Association Reports Bank card delinquencies rose to a record 5.01 percent of all accounts. For home equity loans, 4.01 percent of accounts were delinquent, while 1.92 percent of home equity lines of credit were delinquent.
Okay, I’m going to do something I normally avoid; I’m going out on a limb and publicize my housing predictions for 2010. While I occasionally discuss general trends and opinions about the market, I think it’s important for all of us to have as much information as possible in order to properly pla...
Before taking a short sale listing, every Realtor (and Broker) should consider the following 7 questions:   Have you as the Realtor asked the Client if the Client has consulted with their accountant or tax advisor on the issues of capital gains (and losses if nonresidential property) and debt fo...
Check out the article that I wrote and just posted to my website www.louisesbin.com. I attempt to discuss what led us to the current economic situation and why bankruptcy reform defeated in the Senate would have been good for all of us. Please let me know your thoughts once you have read the arti...
We have a client that owns a 20 unit Cape Canaveral efficiency apartment building. The property is about 1500 feet from the beach. Units rent weekly and monthly. They are clean, neat, and safe. Great temporary or long term housing for singles or couples in need of interim housing, or find themsel...

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