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Whether you are in the market to buy a home in Washington DC,want to know How much is my Washington DC House worth?and in other areas such as Prince George's County,Charles County,Montgomery County and Anne Arundel County, you have come to the right place.
20012 Colonial Village/Takoma Park DC Real Estate Market Report-October 2014.                                                 Colonial Village /Takoma Park DC zip code 20012 is an affluent residential neighborhood in Northwest DC that even though many homes are not selling there like other Washin...
Will moving my domain name to another Web provider hurt my search engine ranking?     Well it's December. No I'm not going to start asking you what I want for Christmas so keep your wallets and purses away-that might be for another day. This blog is the "Help me my fellow Superstar Actime rainers...
20010 Columbia Heights DC 20010 Real Estate Market Report         Here is some additional information that this Columbia Heights DC 20010 Real Estate Market Report doesn't show   Total sold Dollar Volume of 20010 Columbia Heights DC Houses for sale was $22,795,712 in October 2014. That is up 12.3...
What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)?   Today I got a e-mail via Activerain from a fellow blog member. This is some of what he said in his e-mail. Next thing that I want to mention is in reference to your website. I just checked it out and it is pretty good. The one thing that I noticed though ...
20001 Howard U/Shaw DC Real Estate Market Report-October 2014                               Here are additional information that this Howard University/Shaw DC zip code 20001 Real Estate Market Report doesn't show Howard U/Shaw DC 20001 Total Sold Dollar Volume in October 2014 was $38,780,525. Th...
I locked the door with the keys inside the house-November Activerain contest-I cannot believe I just did that.   Well this happened around maybe June 2008. This is actually my first client who so happens to be one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. That person happens to be my brother...
If you can't call people today on Thanksgiving at least text them.   Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'm sure many of you are A) Watching my San Francisco 49ers getting beat by the Seattle Seahawks,B)Too full from eating too much Turkey or C)Already in line to battle eager Holiday shoppers and start...
Call or text me at 202-378-0283 to find out more about the MMP Triple Play Program for PG County MD Home buyers.   INCEPTION: I'm not talking about the movie that started Leonardo dicaprio. Im talking about when this program started which was on 11/20/14.   AREAS/ZIPCODES:  Now notice I said this...
Will Mortgage rates under 4% get potential first time home buyers off the fence?   Realtor Magazine published an article last week called "Spread the Word: Mortgage Rates Below 4%"   Now while low interest rates can spark some people interest,I am not sure that it will get cautious home buyers of...
20018 Brentwood DC Lincoln Real Estate Market Report- October 2014   Four days away from Thanksgiving. There is a lot to be Thankful for. And if you are a Brentwood DC Home owner,you should be very thankful. Home values have increased from this time last year and homes are still selling quicker t...


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