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I love everything art deco; from furniture to architecture to jewlery; there is something about that style that is glam, elegant and simple in a sophisticated way.     Hamilton has some real jewels of art deco architecture.........           and here are photos of homes in and around Hamilton, in...
  These are important things to do in 2012. Why? No idea.       Now that you have had a week to think about it -not counting the full day after New Year's you spent with a large bag of ice on your head - I hope you have set some important goals for 2012.  I know I have, and that's not counting th...
The Hamilton Beach, or the Beach Strip is a  small slice of land connecting Hamilton and Burlington, is one of my fave spots in Hamilton  ________________   The thin sliver of land was apparently a summer getaway for a lot of wealthy Hamiltonians and Torontonians. It's redevelopment into an attra...
  Growth on horizon for Hamilton real estate: Re/Max   For SaleReal estate prices and sales are expected to continue to grow in Hamilton and across the country in 2012, according to a new report. File photo/Toronto Star     Hamilton’s real estate market is in for another growth year in 2012. A ne...
An article in a Toronto newspaper caused quite a stir on the radio waves a couple of days ago. Apparently, a real estate agent in Toronto listed a house, proceeded to stage it, paint it, and clean it up. The owners had bought the house only months ago and then decided to separate/divorce. The hou...
Laziness prompted me to read a bit about cleaning up fall leaves (and my neighbour who seems to spend all his free time crouching in the hedges)  and this is what I came up with; You can 1-rake and bag- The bags cost too much, the collections service has limited day pick up, and the lawn just loo...
So, suddenly, it is no longer inappropriate to publicly voice your concerns about being overtaxed, overworked and worried about retirement.   Maybe 2008 was the “awakening” for a lot of people.   Talking to clients, acquaintances and friends most are unhappy about being in debt and overextended a...
The cold cellar is a pre-fridge, pre-electricity survival  invention, also known as a root cellar, where root vegetables and cured meats were  stored to prolong their  life, through the long winter. Initially it was literally a hole in the ground, covered with earth and evolved into being a part ...
Corktown is one of my favourite Hamilton neighbourhoods. The demographics are 60% under 50, so it's a youthful area, not sure if "hip" is a hip term any more, but yeah, hipsters like the Corktown.House prices are still reasonable; the area is kind of framed by a few condo projects, so it is not o...

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