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What did you like most about our services?:"Prompt, Professional, and Thorough" What did you like most about our services?:"I have no complaints! Service was Top Notch!! " Comments/Suggestions: "Very helpful to first time home buyers!"  Client satisfaction is the lifeblood of our business and mea...
As a Home Inspector, I run into a lot of components and systems around the house that are just in need of a little tender lovin' and care and really aren't that big of a deal. There's so many Inspectors out there that make mountains out of mole hills. I've always believed that a little TLC can br...
Everyone gets "knocked down" in life at some point. Whether a series of hard jabs or a near knockout punch, we all experience it...such is life.  We also know (or should know) a very important key to a "successful" life is the getting back up part, the shaking yourself off, and the keep on, keepi...
    (▲Reader warning: This is a longer blog post, so don't waste you're time reading it!) Well Mrs. Homeowner, normally I can get in and out of a 3,000 square foot house like this in 3 hours. Your house presented me with a few "less-than-favorable" conditions that took some extra time. I did the ...
Math. Uggghh. Never my subject of choice.  In fact, I downright hated it.  Numbers, fractions, equations, etc. just confused me.  Later on in life it definitely could have helped me, especially in the construction trade.  Understanding angles, calculating fractions with tape measure measurements,...
What did you like most about our services?"The fact that Josh is very thorough and explains himself very well in person and the report is easy to read."Comments/suggestions:"We also appreciate the fact that everyone with ASPEC is very professional and the report is prepared in  a very expediant f...
Just in case you're wondering why ice cold water is coming out of the shower instead of hot water - someone just reversed the hot and cold at the faucet.  Never fear, though, someone has labeled in permanent marker on the shower for your convenience.  It's so nice that people are looking out for ...
A switch has been installed for your convenience ;)     How nice.  News flash: There's a "switch" on the pump!  It's called a F-L-O-A-T.  It rises and/or activates when the water level rises and turns on the pump.  Amazing!!  Who knew?!?! Or you can just stand in the basement stairwell all day an...
  The most widely known three words in the world of real estate, even in the world of Home Inspections, just in a bit of a different context.  For instance, let's play a game to test your location knowledge when it comes to homes/Home Inspections.  Aw c'mon, what's better than a pop quiz?   Q1: W...
  You know the rest, “then wear it.” Everyone’s heard this saying before, I’m sure.  But what if the “shoe” doesn’t fit? Well then, you just have to improvise and make it fit!  Just like this so-called “plumber” did.   That black, rubber fitting (the “shoe”) is typically known in the trade as a F...

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