Home warranties aren't just for homebuyers and here's why.  When one of our agents bought his home he got a home warranty on it for one year.  The seller bought it and he thought nothing of it until it was time to renew it.  He renewed it and got a discount since it was his second year.  This was...
I don't think I have ever sold an existing home where the buyer didn't have the home inspected.  I've had a few homes that even had the contract cancelled due to the inspection.  If you're a buyer and aren't sure if you should have the home inspected or not, then definitely have it inspected.If y...
What Every Seller Wants - Discount Commission Do You Want To List Your House Or Sell It?THERE IS A DIFFERENCE AND YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT IS.We could give you a low commission, a short listing period, and that would not get your house sold.  Think about this.  If I can't negotiate the commission...
I am holding an open house in a Gorgeous Home in Farmington August 5th and 6th from 10am-2pm. My clients home is perfectly staged, so we are also holding an class there giving basic advise on Staging a home for Living or Selling.Barb Schwarz talks about her personal home and how it is staged to l...
Staging has become my breathe of Fresh Air to my Real Estate Career. I Love to Stage my clients homes. I love going in and changing a home into a marketable product. The difference it makes is between Night and Day. I got my offical certification from They came to my area and cer...

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