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You may be sitting there reading this post wondering why should I choose Keller Williams Realty Services?  What do they have to offer that other more traditionalist companies do not?  Also I want you to sit back and ask yourself:  Why is Keller Williams the fasting growing company in North Americ...
Remember when one is use to going along on a journey and smooth sailing has been all one has noticed the first storm that comes along will look devastating, but it must rain sometimes or we would not appreciate the sunny times.   As with anything real estate is cyclical.  We have ridden a wave of...
I cannot stand constantly listening to national media saying real estate investing is over and the market is doomed.  The problem with that picture is that where will people go.  People have to have a place to live and that will never change.  Populations have not shifted causing a huge over supp...
If you have ever sat on the sidelines wondering if it was the right time to buy or not I have the answer.  Although values have increased some 20 percent since I first started real estate over the last year values have dropped steadily and have began leveling back off.  Values seem to be holding ...
It finally seems that we are moving away from the duldrums of the winter months and moving into a progressive period in Southern Tangipahoa Parish.  For years politics of the region has kept this area fairly rural and more progressive communities have grabbed hold of the Northshore boom.  It now ...
Todays real estate market seems to be slowly, but surely moving back up to pre-Katrina Levels.  No longer can a price be thrown onto the market and multioffers come pouring in.  In todays real estate market marketing is the key to winning the real estate game. Working hard, focusing efforts, insu...

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