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Do you know what's the most precious commodity in business? Time!    www.daryldatus.com
Putting your house on the market? Before the "For Sale" sign goes up, give your property the ultimate spring cleaning. When it comes to showcasing your home for sale, there's no such thing as a house that's too clean.  Here's what I recomend as an expert  you do to clean before holding an open ho...
Spring Cleaning Your Home   1 Make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish. Of course you know you want to do the main things you would do each day, like the dishes and the laundry. Once you get those down, you will need to add the tasks that you do monthly and semi-yearly. These are tasks li...
I know my strength, I know my ability, I know my determination, I WILL NOT BE DETERRED.     Dont let anybody shake you of your goals! Have a great end of the 1st quarter! www.daryldatus.com
Often it is not the strong and powerful things of this world that make the biggest difference but the meek and steadfast. The same way water cuts through rock......LOVING KINDNESS coupled with PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE are powerful forces in transforming us and our world. It seems we all need to ...
Winter months bring frosty temperatures, gusty winds and slippery sleet and snow, sending people indoors to seek warmth and shelter.  The chill in the air may also send a few uninvited pest guests into your home, too. Most homeowners don't think about winter pests until they see signs of an infes...
Living from one paycheck to the next may be the norm for many people. But homebuyers need a better strategy. If buying a home is your goal, then it needs to be your priority!! Most people need to sacrifice a little and stick to a budget in order to save for a home. A good budget plan begins one o...
Home Buying Process If you are a first-time homebuyer or haven't bought a home in a while, this guide will offer valuable information about buying a home. Gather the information you will need to qualify for a home mortgage   Before you can buy a home, you will need to secure financing. Be ready t...
Home ownership is perhaps the surest way to accumulate net worth that there is, and it is often the largest and most important part of the total portfolio of many middle-income Americans. The beauty of home ownership in this regard is that it tends to be a slow, almost inexorable wealth builder. ...
As  we reflect on the 1st quarter, its nice to have a snow day here in the northwest! Many times I find myself doing and acting for others in their lives. Today I just wanted to reflect and enjoy my family and share that its very important to remember why we work so hard!! Have agreat week and 1...


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