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Mortgage and Lending - RU Prepared 2 Present
Recently a local Title rep, who is very proactive in presnting valuable tools, hosted a class on how to use Microsoft Outlook as a tool. He started by stating that most people in this industry once they close a transaction, complete all the paperwork and file it away. Many of us are guilty of not...
How many of you have herd the old phrase about the person who is a jack of all trades and a master of none? In this constantly changing market it is imperative that everone in the equation fully understand their role. It is the time for Realtors to work with and leave the lending questions to a t...
Perception for some buyers is everything. Currently REO's and Short Sale properties are what everone is talking about. There is a feeling that these are the most desired properties. To the point that the first thing people new to home buying ask "Can I get a deal on a bank owned property"? A lot ...
Recently a Realtor who was in the process of putting a listing into the MLS asked me how ro determine the Thomas guide co-ordinates. A month ago another Realtor pulled me aside at a First Time Homeowmers seminar and asked if I could give her some information to help her understand the role the Fe...
As an ongoing student of life, I am amazed at no matter where we think we are, the groundwork was laid years ago. This week I attended a FHA workshop that was sponsored by IndyMac bank. Having previously attended a FHA seminar sponsored by HUD and being constantly updated by the Certified Mortgag...
I just got a wonderfull response to my recent blog about Basketball BBQ or Open House The response is below it says: "You can do both, work and have fun.... Hey if nothing else maybe you could have a BBQ open house. Find someone to tend the grill and after their tour the prospective home buyer c...
This is not only the first major holiday weekend od 2008, we also have the NBA playoffs this weekend. So as members of the Real Estate community in a recovering market we have to ask oueselves how do best spend our time. I know there is a very strong temptation to kick back, throw a few slabs or ...
By now everyone is aware of Senator Kennedy being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. This morning on CNN they featured a doctor who had a similar diagnosis over ten years ago and was given a year to live. She said her first reaction was "is this it, is this how it all ends". She then said sh...
In April home sales went up 22% in Southern California. this was caused by bargin hunters bought lower end houses in the areas hardest hit by foreclosures. 15,615 prpoerties were purchesed. This is up from the 12,808 units that sold in March.Homes under $500,000 comprised 2/3 of that gain. The ep...
Ever wished that you could learn a new language,but did not think you had the time to go back to school. Or maybe you know how much better you feel and perform when you take advantage on motivational material. How much time do you spend in traffic on a daily or weekly basis. Well you could improv...

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