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Hello to all my Fraser Valley and greater Vancouver readers out there I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what exactly is happening out in Port Coquitlam with the Keller Williams Results Realty. I have a talk to a few associates and other people in my life that have been asking and I a...
...Abbotsford is one of the top five places to invest in Real Estate in Canada, according to Canadian Real Estate Magazine. This is great news for people who live here as well as all those who have been thinking of re-locating to the wonderful city. With the new bridge coming to replace the Port ...
There are number of reason why you should hire a Realtor. I am sure you have all heard the canned answer because you will net more money, in less time, with the least amount of hassle. Right? Absolutely right, there is a reason Realtors say this and if you hire a Realtor who works full time in th...
Watch the video and you will see what I mean...Don't worry it's short. As you can tell I am focused on something here and you probably guessed it, getting waterski communities happening in BC, Canada. If you have waterskiied, barefooted, wakeboarded, kneeboarded, airchaired, or even tubed in the ...
...No I am not kidding, as a matter of fact for all you thrill seekers looking to move to a city that can service all your extreme needs, Abbotsford is the place to be. I know what you are thinking: Is this really true? Can there really be that much to do in Abbotsford? The answer is yes, and let...
Having grown up in Central California, I learned at an early age that sunshine is a key ingrediant in a upbeat, healthy life style. I am sure we can all agree that to be true. I mean really who isn't more willing to smile, wave, spend money, and buy houses when the sun is out and nothing can hold...
In Abbotsford, BC, Canada, this seems to be the time when the sun starts shining again and people start buying and selling homes again, and for whatever reason they think that the market has some how magically turned back into a seller's market. The truth is written below as to what exactly is ha...

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