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Scott Hoyt and I are creating a Momentum Blog team.  We're going to cover the event via video and blogs throughout the event.   We'll have Momentum and Real Living stuff everyone online!!   If you are interested in covering the event with us - let us know!  See you next week. 
At Real Living we not only define them, we categorize them and direct marketing messages to them individually.  Below are our buyer types...First and foremost, Women.   You've hopefully read in my prior blogs about women comprising 52% of the population and making 89% of purchasing decisions in t...
Some comments on my blog make me laugh sometimes.  I wrote a something yesterday discussing agent mobility and several agents commented about how they are and have been mobile - AWESOME.  A few comments from some centered around commission splits and negatively pointing out that more tools equate...
My opinion is yes.  In fact, it is surprising to me how few agents even come to a physical anymore.  The reality is that in today's agents require and thrive on mobility and office's are not as necessary to the daily routine of an agent. Brokerages need to understand this and cater to this need. ...
With spring arriving in Ohio, my neighborhood becomes social again.  While the kids are out playing the parents get to talk and catch up on what has been going on during the winter hibernation months.  Real estate is also starting to move - a positive sign - which too sparks dialogue that interes...
We hear this question more and more today in the gossip pool that is our real estate offices.  We witness companies merging together weekly.  In most cases I liken it to owners jumping out of a life raft and attaching themselves to yet another sinking ship.  More agents do not always mean more pr...
Today I'm in Chicago sitting in my hotel room after a full day of working with our President, Kaira Rouda speaking at industry events.  First, the Women's Council of Realtors hosted a luncheon this afternoon in the River North neighborhood of Chicago.  The topic was Personal Branding and the atte...
What is an "up-brand?"  These are brands who appeal to the top of the market segment.  Upscale, higher disposable income, ability and willingness to buy higher priced products (which equate to higher commissions in our world), and desire an elevated level of service.  By appealing to this segment...
Real Living's book, authored by Kaira Sturdivant Rouda, President of Real Living, Inc., is titled Real You Incorporated and was published in mid-February of 2008 by Wiley and is off to a great start.  In just a few months it has already become a best seller in several categories. 
Kaira has ...
As you'll notice when you read my blogs I love talking to our agents.  When you lose touch with them - you've lost in my role.  Being in town the past week has afforded me the opportunity to interview two of our top agents who happened to walk past my office.  Real Living's "corporate offices" ar...

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