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I was so excited after reading Become The Real Estate Expert In Any Community In Less Than 60 Days that I immediately dropped everything (things I thought I would get done yesterday) and started working on my neighborhood website. It's coming along quite nicely.My creative juices are always inspi...
I am still working on chapter 2 of Mental Toughness for Success by Dr. I.V. Hilliard. While the chapters really aren't that long I just seem to have so many little things going on.This time I want to focus briefly on changing the way we think. Last time, I focused on making a move rather than wai...
Not ready to buy? Lease your way to homeownership with LEAP. My Lease Equity Appreciation Program will allow you to earn up to $1,500 towards closing costs when you purchase a home in the greater Houston area using my services.For FREE 24-hour recorded information about LEAP call 877-282-4826 ext...
The past week has been busy for me with trying to establish my new identity as a REALTOR. I haven't finished Chapter 2 but I already know what I want to write about, so I want delay.The title of Chapter 2 in Mental Toughness for Success is "How to Set Your Course for a Better Life." This chapter ...
 As a former cheerleading program director and parent of three, I understand the financial commitments involved with extracurricular activities. These commitments can be rather expensive and sometimes even cost prohibitive to some families.As a Real Estate Professional, I believe in giving back t...
This series is going to be a bit more challenging than I thought. The reason is the book is packed with so much valuable information. Since I only intend to give my reflections and not a book review I have to attempt to restrain my commentary. :-)The title of Chapter 1 is "Success and How to Have...
This post says a little about a lot. It really isn't for/about me, but will hopefully help someone who needs it. I found this video and wondered what we could learn from Faith. I am sure many of us have pursued a dream or goal even when it looked like the chips were stacked against us. Yet, we co...

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