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My name is Toni Ellis and my current career focus is as an Exclusive Tenant/Buyer Representative. I work with renters to find properties in the greater Houston area. Whether your search is for a single family home, townhome or condo I can assist you. If you've ever wondered about working with a R...
I was recently called a "turtle brain" and for good reason. Not by anyone on ActiveRain but by a very dear friend. I am sometimes so consumed with what I am doing that the wheels in my brain turn at a turtle's pace. (This looks like the opening to a whole new post).I said that to say that I am pr...
...and neither should your blog or website.Many, many years ago a male friend made a comment to me that made me stop watching daytime soap operas. At the time he was a pharmacy student and I was a very young (recently separated) single mom of two. He said that watching so operas was total waste o...
Moving to a new area with children is hectic enough without adding the stress of worrying about finding quality child care. Whether moving to a new state, city, or neighborhood if both parents work outside the home you will need to find a new child care provider.Your childcare options might inclu...
This was so great I had to share. Even if you are not into RAP you will feel the message of SEO.Check out his YouTube Channel for more RAP "lessons"!
"Dear Boss,I have been struggling with this decision for some time now. This month's close confirms that I am making the best decision for my family. I have decided that it is in my best interest and that of the company for me to resign effective March 31, 2008 or when you are able to find a repl...
Finding a place to rent with pets can be expensive or challenging...or both. Landlords feel they are protecting their interest in the property if they prohibit pets. Not only is there a risk of damage to the property but there is a liability risk if the pet causes harm to someoneĀ on or nearĀ the p...
When I started my real estate career a few short months ago I created an, at first, unintentional niche. I spend 100% of my real estate efforts helping renters find homes. Probably 80% of that time is spent assisting people receiving government assistance, whether temporary or permanent.The reaso...
In my last post on this topic I discussed depreciation as an expense. We defined depreciation as the measure of the loss of value of business asset over its useful life. So, now we want to find out exactly what an asset is anyway.As real estate professionals, I will assume you have a basic grasp ...
Are you looking for a home to rent in north Houston? The current state of the real estate market has increased the selection of available rent homes in our area. Whether you're new to Houston or you've just outgrown apartment living renting might be a viable option for you now.As a Residential Re...

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